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Weekend Happenings

A weekend of history, music and soul begins tonight at the 31st Annual Farish Street Heritage Festival. At 6 p.m., a pep rally and a step show will kick off ...


Stevenson: Raising the Bar

The qualifications to run for justice court judge are pretty simple: a high-school diploma and $10 to pay the county circuit clerk to file your paperwork. You also must be ...


Sweet Potato Queen's Fondren Parade Set

Standing next to a pink port-a-potty decorated with a sequin-clad Sweet Potato Queen, author and boss queen Jill Conner Browne officially announced Fondren's Zippity Doo Dah Parade this morning.

Domestic Violence

Bills to Protect Domestic Abuse Victims

After her husband physically and mentally abused her for nearly a decade, Joy Jones* realized her situation was only going to get worse. She gathered up enough courage to seek ...

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Jackson's Creative Economy

Tracie James-Wade was tired of corporate America. After working in sales and marketing for various corporations in Nashville, Tenn., for nine years, she decided it was time to pursue a ...

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Taking A Chance

Pride and Peril of Doing Business in Jackson

When Mitchell Moore was 4 years old, his parents gave him an Easy-Bake oven for Christmas and changed his life. He was fascinated by the way batter could turn into ...


Yes on 26 Launches Fake Website

The campaign working in support of the Personhood Amendment has launched a fake website to attack the Political Action Committee working against the ballot measure that would redefine the word ...

Person of the Day

Beth Orlansky

Beth Orlanksy is using her past experiences reforming low-income child care to push for stronger payday-lending regulation in Mississippi.


Creating a Brand

Tripp Muldrow is a busy man. In the past year, he has spent 150 days traveling throughout the country, listening to residents and compressing often-complicated stories into brands that instill ...


Making Amends

The Aug. 2 Republican primary for Madison County sheriff was a fierce race with five candidates vying for the post. Madison County Sheriff Toby Trowbridge will retire this year. One ...

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King Freak

On a Sunday evening in fall 2009, Patrick Grogan painted his face and arms black and walked into a service at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson wearing a black hoodie ...

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Kids Having Kids

Ollie Jackson's baby, Lauryn, sleepily rubs her eyes as she sits on her 19-year-old father's lap during a football game at Newell Field in Jackson.


Abortion Amendment Unlikely

Personhood Mississippi leader Les Riley stood in front of a small but fervent crowd last week at the secretary of state's office proclaiming victory for the pro-life movement.


Daniel Guaqueta and Megan Storm

In Marrakech, Morocco, Daniel Guaqueta captured video footage of snake charmers as they hypnotized snakes by playing an instrument called a Pungi. As the camera starts rolling, one of the ...

Editor's Note

Hello, Neighbor

On a recent visit to Oktoc, Miss., my aunt showed me a relic from my family's past. If this archaic machine could talk, it would tell stories about a community ...


Simpson Defends Ethics of Consulting Contract

Attorney General Jim Hood's re-election campaign is accusing opponent Steve Simpson of using his former position as commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety to secure his current consulting ...

It's the Weekend: Bundle Up

It may be cold outside, but that shouldn't stop you from having an eventful weekend.Tonight, put on your mittens and helmets and meet the Jackson Bike Advocates at Rainbow Grocery ...

Person of the Day

Magnus Eklund

In the early 90s, Magnus Eklund began taking yoga to ease his back pain, but the peace of mind he experienced inspired him to share the practice with others.


Support Your Local Food

When I was a child, I would wait with maddening anticipation for Friday night. That's when my dad would pick me up for the night shift at Doubles Pizza, the ...


Katie Shelt and Mason Stewart

Katie Shelt knew she was going to marry Mason Stewart after he told her he identified with Faramir, a charcter from J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy—among her ...