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Public-Ed Foes Swooping In to Block Ed Funding

The war is on against public-education funding with large political advocacy groups and GOP donors' dollars pouring into anti-Initiative 42 Political Initiative Committees (PICs).

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Off To The Races: Mississippi Elections 2018

Mississippians will soon head to the polls for a federal election for the first time since Donald Trump became president in 2016. On Tuesday, June 5, registered voters can choose ...

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Dead or Alive: What Bills Survived, Or Didn't, in the 2018 Legislative Session

While the budget is intact, many other Republican priorities and proposals died this session. Here is a short list of what survived and what did not.

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Where Mississippi's U.S. Lawmakers Stand on Gun Laws, Rights

In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, the Jackson Free Press assembled details on the gun-related legislation that Mississippi lawmakers in Washington have supported or co-sponsored, as well as ...

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Mississippi Flag: A Symbol of Hate or Reconciliation?

Kitsaa Stevens is arguably one of the more passionate defenders of the current Mississippi state flag, which has included the most notorious Confederate battle emblem in its canton since 1894.

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Web of National, State PACs and PICs Fight Initiative 42

As the November election draws near, large political advocacy groups and Republican donor’s dollars are pouring into anti-Initiative 42 Political Initiative Committees (PICs), mainly the KidsFirst and Improve Mississippi committees. ...

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Jackson School Board Off to Slow Start on Supe Search, Seeks Public Input

With Dr. Cedrick Gray leaving the top position early last November, Jackson Public Schools needs a new superintendent and invited public comment regarding the search at its Jan. 3 work ...

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The Pros and Cons of a State Lottery

On a map of states that have no lottery, the hold-outs stand strong in pairs: Alaska and Hawaii, Nevada and Utah, and Mississippi and Alabama.The Pros and Cons of a ...

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Disenfranchised for Life? No Changes, Yet

Stanley Barnes of Claiborne County was convicted of murder in 1990 and received a life sentence, but was paroled in 2000. He is still on unsupervised parole. Sen. Albert Butler, ...

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‘Unborn Child Protection’ Law Prohibits Rare Procedure

Mississippi lawmakers' ban on Medicaid reimbursements for the state's only Planned Parenthood clinic stalled in federal court last year, but another anti-abortion bill did become state law last summer despite ...

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The Right to Pre-Trial Justice for All?

Scott County law enforcement officers arrested Joshua Bassett on Jan. 3, 2014, under a warrant for grand larceny and possession of meth. Bassett could not know then that he would ...

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Rewarding of the Fittest Schools: #MSLeg Robs Poor Schools to Reward Richer Ones

At the end of a school day and an exhausting period of state testing, four Clinton Public School District teachers looked tired but content as they crowded into a tiny ...

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'Thinking Out of the Box': The JFP Interview with Howard Sherman

Howard Sherman won the most votes (about 31 percent) on June 5 in the Democratic primary for Sen. Roger Wicker's Senate seat.

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Seatbelts Now Required for All in Cars, Bryant Signs Trooper School Funding

Starting in July if you're riding in a car in Mississippi, seatbelts are required for everyone in the vehicle. But previously, state law only required those passengers in the front ...

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Mississippi, Your ALEC is Showing

From laws that allow tax breaks for out-of-state businesses to the state's special-education voucher program, the Mississippi state Legislature has picked up and written into law model policy language from ...

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Much Ado About Flooding: How 'One Lake' Could Change the Pearl River

People like to settle near rivers due to their need for water, good soil and potential food sources a river can provide, not to mention recreation. Still, it is important ...

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District 72 Special Election Today: Meet Candidates, Vote Until 7 p.m.

Residents in Hinds and Madison counties that live in District 72 have the opportunity to elect a new representative to the Mississippi House of Representatives today.

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Under Pressure: Dan Jones on Health, History and Ole Miss Race Battles

Coaches at Warren Central High School told Dan Jones he couldn't play football past ninth grade—he was too small and slow, but he was welcome to be a trainer instead. ...

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Northwest Rankin High School Complies with Humanist Group, Avoids Lawsuit

Northwest Rankin High School is out of legal trouble after several weeks of back-and-forth with the American Humanist Association.

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EdBuild Plan A Path to Expanding ‘School Choice’?

Mississippi isn't EdBuild's first state rodeo. Back in early 2015, EdBuild met with officials in Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal's office, who campaigned for re-election on the idea of re-evaluating school ...