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10,000 Protesters Barely Make the News

In 2008 at the St. Paul Republican Convention, police arrested 818 protesters, which was less than half of the number arrested at their 2004 convention. Minneapolis had more than 3,700 ...


Subjective Truths

French author André Gide wrote: "Trust those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it." I wrote the quote on a white sticky in magenta ink yesterday and ...

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Experts Stress Online Safety for Teens

Parents must be aware of how their children are interacting in an era of instant communication, and they must exercise control over spaces where nothing ever disappears—even when it's not ...

Study Reveals Conservatives Prefer Porn Online

A new study published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives indicates that eight of the top 10 "red" states—states that identify themselves as more conservative and religious than others, and ...

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Obamacare: Five Years and Counting

With Bryant's vow to undermine the ACA, the feds concluded that a state-run exchange was untenable. In January 2013, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius turned down Mississippi's ...

Ridgeland Bans Pit Bulls

Yesterday, aldermen in the Jackson, Miss., suburb of Ridgeland joined nearby Clinton and Richland in passing an ordinance banning pit bulls. The Ridgeland ordinance also bans Staffordshire bull terriers, American ...

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Hobby Lobby Wages War on Birth Control

The Green family is headed to Washington, D.C., for its day in court—the U.S. Supreme Court.

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The Exchange Spat

Republicans are fighting themselves over a Mississippi health-insurance exchange.

Three Mississippi Colleges Named ‘Best Buys'

Mississippi State University, Mississippi College and Millsaps College all made the 2009 Forbes "Best College Buys" list, which divides a school's overall quality score by its average tuition rates for ...


Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

"Anxiety Disorders can be Debilitating." The headline, from The Clarion-Ledger a few weeks ago, speaks volumes about the way we live our lives. Fear stops us in our tracks, making ...


Women Will Regain Access to Discounted Birth Control

President Obama is quickly overturning some of the previous administration's health-care regulations that primarily affected women. On the president's desk now is a provision reversing a 2005 law that financially ...

Jackson Habitat Looking for Applicants

[verbatim] Habitat for Humanity/Metro Jackson is a non-profit Christian organization whose purpose is to build and sell basic, decent homes at 0% interest to hardworking families in need of better, ...

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Mississippi Women's Turn: Can They Break the Political Ceiling?

The political landscape might have shifted in Mississippi, but in 2012, women are still struggling with the same issues.

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Sex Trafficking: What Now?

During the last legislative session, Mississippi lawmakers sharpened the teeth of the state's laws addressing human trafficking.


Don't Let Holiday Deals Become Holiday Debt

The Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Jackson cautions consumers to avoid impulse purchases this holiday season. [Verbatim from press release.]

[Johnson] The Death of Birth

Biologist E.O. Wilson calls the stunning destruction of wildlife on our planet "the death of birth." We all must die in time, and there is a natural justice to the ...

Allergy Meds Now Require Prescription

Beginning today, cold and allergy sufferers who rely on products containing pseudoephedrine will need a doctor's prescription to purchase them in Mississippi. The law passed during this year's legislative session ...

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Sex Trafficking: The Portable Crime

Sex traffickers frequently move girls around.

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Redefining Pregnancy

You're a woman who has been raped, and you're terrified that your rapist made you pregnant. You ask your doctor for emergency contraception, but she refuses to give it to ...

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Dr. Leo Huddleston

When Dr. Leo Huddleston found out he had won the 2007 Jackson Free Press "Best of Jackson" awards for best chiropractor and best doctor, he was in Panama City, Fla., ...