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In Jackson, Trump Talks Bigotry, 'Brexit' and Fixing America's 'Inner-Cities'

The Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, visited the capital of the Magnolia State on Wednesday night—first for a private fundraiser at the convention center, then for a rally at ...

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Arts Commission Facing Drastic Overhaul, With Gov. Bryant's Support

The Mississippi Legislature could abolish the state's art commission this year, with two bills still alive in both the House of Representatives and the Senate that would roll it under ...

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How A ‘Brexit Boys’ Project Ended Up in Jackson Court

Kyle Taylor believes Eldon Insurance and Big Data Dolphins Ltd. might be using U.K. citizens' data in their new artificial-intelligence project they have planned to start in Oxford, Miss.

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UPDATED: Inside the ‘Brexit Boys’ Data Project at Ole Miss

After months of negotiations and coordination facilitated in part by Gov. Phil Bryant to bring two British companies stateside, a public United Kingdom office that reports to Parliament is investigating ...

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State's Foster Care System Requests $34.4 Million

Children have died and suffered mistreatment in the state's foster-care system, and the Mississippi Department of Human Services is requesting $34.4 million to change conditions that lead to the abuse.

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Special Session Ahead for Unfinished Business

A bi-partisan attempt to fund road and bridge repair, as well as Mississippi's top attorney's legal budget, stalled in a last-hour fight between the two houses in the Capitol last ...

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Mississippians Give $12.3 Million to GoFundMe Campaigns

Scrolling through Facebook, it's almost impossible not to see a GoFundMe campaign these days. The Internet age has made generosity simple: the click of a button and a few online ...

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Tackling ‘Corrupting Effects’ of Election Laws

The Mississippi Legislature, at least so far, is showing more willingness to regulate campaign and election practices than at anytime in its history.

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USDA Promotes Gender-Inclusivity in Jackson

Ashlee Davis wants members of the LGBT community to know that the U.S. Department of Agriculture will not discriminate against them.

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Jackson Water Outage Scheduled for This Weekend

Jacksonians in some parts of the city can expect water outages or low water pressure this weekend, starting on Friday at 3 p.m. until about the same time on Sunday, ...

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JSU Students Stand Up to Sexual Violence

GIRL is a JSU Feminist Majority chapter that is taking to the streets on campus, demanding more safety and awareness about risk female students face.

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Private Prison on Trial: Inmates at ‘Bleak’ Facility Tell Harrowing Stories

Merlin Hill was one of 19 inmates who testified during the five-week class-action trial against the Mississippi Department of Corrections for what they describe as appalling conditions at the privately ...

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Third Graders Improve Pass Rate on Reading Test Statewide

Third graders around the state improved their scores on the reading assessments required for promotion to the fourth grade this year. Statewide, 93.2 percent of third graders passed the test, ...

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Creating a Hub for Early Learning and Creativity

For children not at regular daycare centers, options like "ABC, Come Play with Me" give parents a break from teaching their children at home and provide new ideas for preparing ...

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Fifth Circuit to Decide if HB 1523 Is 'State-sponsored Discrimination'

The rights of LGBT Mississippians were in the balance Monday as attorneys from Mississippi and beyond faced off in Texas over whether House Bill 1523, the "Protecting Freedom of Conscience ...

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Lawmakers Take on Capitol Complexity, ‘Amazon’ Sales Tax and Craft Breweries

The City of Jackson could receive financial support for its infrastructure this year, but how that will work varies on both ends of the statehouse. The Senate and House versions ...

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Mississippi Flag: A Symbol of Hate or Reconciliation?

Kitsaa Stevens is arguably one of the more passionate defenders of the current Mississippi state flag, which has included the most notorious Confederate battle emblem in its canton since 1894.

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Local Wine Sellers Push Back on Chain Effort

Victor Pittman is not pleased with a lobbying effort to lift the restriction on wine and liquor sales in grocery stores in Mississippi's wet counties.

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‘Everybody Matters, Or Nobody Matters’: The JFP Interview with Public Safety Commissioner Marshall Fisher

Department of Public Safety Commissioner Marshall Fisher shared his opinions and ideas about how law enforcement fits into society and government as a whole with the Jackson Free Press recently.

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'We're the Pigs': House Jumps the Gun(n) on Transportation Funding

While few House members seemed ready to begin work on legislation, on Wednesday, Jan. 3, three House committees met and passed five transportation-funding related bills, which Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, ...