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House Bill Restricts Sales of Meth Ingredient

Rep. Steve Holland, D-Plantersville, used the memory of his brother, who died from a meth overdose, to beg the Mississippi House of Representatives to pass a bill that will require ...

Protesters Clash at Capitol

Opposing rallies connected at the state Capitol Saturday as members of fair taxation group US Uncut and moveon.org, who were showing solidarity with Wisconsin union workers, faced members of the ...


Suffer The Children

Ginger Smith is founder and administrator of The Renaissance Academy, a division of the Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center, which works to educate troubled students in Hinds County. Since 2004, Smith ...


Court to Review Panel Decision on Global Warming Suit

A recent U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision could undermine Gulf Coast resident's efforts to hold oil companies responsible for causing global warming and contributing to Hurricane Katrina's damage.

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Mississippi Legislature Faces a Dire Task

Mississippi legislators skulked back into the state capitol Jan. 5, keeping their body movements at a minimum and their heads low in case somebody noticed them and asked them questions ...


Going for the Guns

Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. says a new Jackson Police Department partnership with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will help get dangerous weapons off the street.

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Dioxin Back on Trial

One year after a Mississippi Supreme Court jury overturned a $15.5 million jury award for Bay St. Louis couple Glen and Connie Strong, their toxin tort case is moving forward.


Taking the Side of Unions

Some Mississippians are taking sides on Wisconsin state employees who are protesting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget that would eliminate state employee unions' collective bargaining rights.

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Youth Vote More Prominent in Future Elections?

Young voters believe that government has a role in American lives—to fix problems and ensure economic equality. That's why the "redistribution" argument fell flat with them.


Week 3: Cigs and Cells

Now that House Speaker Billy McCoy has named committee chairs, the House is going into overdrive regarding bill production.


DOJ Not Pursuing Bribery Charges Against Stevens

An attorney handling the appeal of Paul Minor noted a sharp contrast between how the U.S. Department of Justice prosecuted Minor and how it is chasing Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens. ...

Plaintiffs Seek Removal of Diaz in Minor Suit

The USF&G Insurance Company, from which former attorney Paul Minor won a large settlement in 2001, wants former state Supreme Court Judge Oliver Diaz removed from Minor's civil defense team.

Wicker Defends Obama Against ‘Birthers'

United States Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., found himself defending President Barack Obama against some of the more conservative elements of the tea party during a forum last night. The Central ...


Why Foreign Businesses Dig Mississippi

The state of Mississippi currently has 30,231 businesses that count as foreign-owned, or are owned by corporations, LLCs, unlimited liability partners or other business organizations. The list includes companies such ...


The Incredible, Shrinking SS Check

Mississippi, like many so-called "red" states, gets big returns for its tax dollar. The report "Federal Tax Burdens and Expenditures by State," explains that the state gets back $1.84 out ...


Did State Mismanage Stimulus Funds?

A Jackson company is alleging in Hinds County Chancery Court that the state mismanaged $3.75 million in federal stimulus funds by passing over the lowest and best bidder for a ...


Barbour Misses ACORN Bandwagon

The day after Gov. Haley Barbour announced he was cutting state funds to ACORN, the JFP broke the news that the state gives no money to the group—which no longer ...

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Round 1: Obama Wins Oxford Debate, Polls Say

Jean Tripp, 34, of Alabama, expected nothing short of "fire and brimstone" when she came to Oxford.

McCoy Urges Barbour Against Cold Feet on Stimulus

Mississippi House Speaker Billy McCoy offered a public plea Thursday to Gov. Haley Barbour to accept federal money offered through a proposed congressional stimulus package worth more than $800 billion. ...


Face-off: Faye Peterson v. Robert Smith

The Aug. 7 primaries produced three run-off races in Hinds County, but the DA's race overshadows the other two races, pitting both old foes and warring factions against one another. ...