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From Man Caves to the 'Great Wall,' Bryant and Farage Head to Trump's Inauguration

Gov. Phil Bryant has invited Nigel Farage of British Brexit fame to attend Donald Trump's inauguration with him.


Truth in the Hands of Artists

Radiohead's Thom Yorke and author/historian Howard Zinn talk about the artist's role in politics. Yorke: "This goes back to what should be causing extreme alarm. If there are political programs ...


"USA Today: Mississippi Edition"? The ‘Nuclear Option'?

Gannett blogger Jim Hopkins writes:

Things are so bad in the Gannett world (including layoffs nationwide, and 5 percent of The Clarion-Ledger staff, and dropping revenue and see-saw stock prices) that rumors are flying about ...


‘Black Females Are Valued By No One'

The Village Voice reports on a new study of the attitudes of the "hip-hop generation." Thulani Davis writes: "In reality, the teens interviewed—between 16 and 20 years old—are probably children ...


Survey USA Instant Poll: Show Must Go On

Survey USA wasted no time taking America's pulse on McCain's latest bombshellAmerica's First Reaction: Friday's McCain-Obama Debate Should Still Be Held On Friday, But Perhaps with New Focus: Immediately after ...


Delicate Shades of Folk, by Katherine R. Dougan

Jackson folks might remember Kris Wilkinson from her days with Perfect Strangers, a band formed in the mid-1980s while she was in college at Delta State University in Cleveland. After ...


Bloomberg: Bush Backing Down on Spending Rest of Bailout

Boomberg News is reporting that a beleaguered President Bush is backing down on spending the rest of the bailout package. The Bush administration is under fire for spending half of ...


FDA Protecting Industry Before Consumers?

The New York Times is editorializing about serious problems in food-safety regulation reported by USA Today:

Bush Approval Slipping With Men, Conservatives

AP is reporting:

President Bush's job approval slipped into the mid 40s in national polls released this week as he lost some support among men and other groups of core supporters. Public approval ...

Editor's Note

Into the Groove

Back in the 1980s, I wasn't too worried about much of anything. I was living in Washington, D.C., working by day as a legal assistant for a huge broadcast corporation ...


Business Owners of Both Parties Supporting Obama

USA Today is reporting the surprising trend of Republican business owners supporting Barack Obama for president, ending with this quote from one: ""I would rather pay a little higher tax ...


Is Bush Neglecting the Gulf Coast?

USA Today reports today that many Coast residents feel slighted by the State of the Union address:

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Just In Time for the Debates, a ‘Pro-Baby, Anti-Palin' Onesy!

Leave it to Portland ... (verbatim): With less than two months to go in a hotly-contested, too-close-to-call race for president, the creators of the popular "President Poopyhead" and "I Already ...

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The Contraception Wars

Most of you have surely heard by now that former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is blaming his resounding loss on "gifts" that President Obama offered young voters, African Americans and ...

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The Art and Craft of Dak Prescott

I love that the 23-year-old tells anyone who will listen that his success so far is about how hard he works on his craft. It's almost like he is intentionally ...

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Good Ideas: Girl Power

If we continue to tell girls that it's not acceptable to be bossy, we are setting them up for failure. We are telling them it is not their place to ...

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Romney: GOP Not 'Rich' Party

In Jackson Monday, Mitt Romney said the GOP isn't the party of the rich—and used the wait staff to make a point to the audience.


Is this guy still a Northside Sun columnist?


I just just got this e-mail from someone who clearly is out to tar Mexicans with the swine flu; he also sent it to media around the country, sending a ...

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The Impolite Free Press in the Age of Trump

Let's get this straight off the bat: There is no one reason that Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won enough electoral votes last week to become president.


Bush Defends Vast Domestic Spying

George Bush is trying defend the vast spying on Americans that was revealed this year.