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Health Care

Abortion Clinic Stays Open, For Now

A law that some Mississippi lawmakers hope will close the state's only abortion clinic goes into effect in less than two weeks, but that doesn't mean the clinic will close ...


JPS Cutting Costs to Pay Debt

The Jackson Public Schools are cutting operation costs so the district can put more money toward paying off debt, including $150 million in bond issue debt.

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Yarber: Neighborhood Man

Tony Yarber, 34, said his career in education chose him.


Berry's Produce; No Beer in Jackson County

The 1940s-and-'50s-style hand-painted boards that dress the outer walls of the new produce market, at 3139 N. State St., depict bright tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. Located in a ...


Believe Her

Words count. One thing has become clear in reading Managing Editor Ronni Mott's cover story about sexual assault and rape this week.

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Slave of Minimum Wage

Customers, get ready for a special 4th of July celebration at Jojo's Discount Dollar Store. Jogo wants to call this upcoming event 'What to the Slave of the Minimum Wage ...

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Fashion Police in Politics

Lets just get to the bottom line. The "saggy pants" debate is perhaps the most ridiculous, over-talked issue of modern times. It's downright stupid. And might I add ... stupid.

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Turning Back the Clock

J. K. Morrison will turn over in his grave on July 1.

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Ending the Silence

Bringing Rape and Sexual Assault out of Shame's Closet

Anthony Sowell had been out of prison about three years after serving 15 for attempted rape when he ran into Gladys Wade outside a neighborhood store in Cleveland, Ohio, on ...

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Mystery and a Meal

"Hear ye, hear ye! Royal subjects of the kingdom of Paramore, tonight we celebrate Prince Phillips impending beheading ... I mean uh ... betroth..." So begins the comedic murder mystery ...

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Artful Music

On June 21, Lost in the Trees performs at Duling Hall alongside Daytona. The orchestral folk band features songwriter Ari Picker on guitar and vocals; Andrew Anagnost on cello; Jenavieve ...


Choctaw ‘Expressions'

The vibrancy of the Mississippi Choctaw's heritage is clearly expressed through the colorful, handmade Choctaw dresses with beautiful beadwork and full skirts trimmed with ruffles and hand-sewn appliques, handmade baskets ...


Intent to Ravish

Like so much of Mississippi culture, its laws concerning sex crimes harken back to a hypothetically more genteel time when ladies swooned and men did not use curse words in ...


Does Jackson Need Another Rape-Crisis Center?

As the Jackson Free Press has done since 2004, on July 28, we will host our eighth annual Chick Ball to benefit the Center for Violence Prevention in Pearl.

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Cochran Bike Bill On the Ropes

Congressional House Republicans are trying to put the brakes on a provision in the federal transportation bill that could promote more biking and walking in America's cities and towns. But ...

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40 Acres and a Duel

When James Stern arrived at Mississippi State Penitentiary's medical Unit 31, fellow black inmates debriefed him on one of the unit's infamous residents: Edgar Ray Killen.


Stern v. Killen: 40 Acres and a Duel

When James Stern arrived at Mississippi State Penitentiary's medical Unit 31, fellow black inmates debriefed him on one of the unit's infamous residents: Edgar Ray Killen.

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WTF Is Zoogma?

Zoogma. It's a word that on the surface doesn't make a whole lot of sense. To some people, the word represents absolutely nothing. To others, it's a misspelling of the ...

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Felicia Tillman

"I have big, big, big faith," Felicia Tillman says. The 34-year-old Jackson native believes that becoming the author of two plays was a spiritual thing for her.


Free Voter ID Will Cost ... But What?

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann announced yesterday that his office will be "proactive" and distribute free voter ID cards to anyone who does not have the proper identification. But ...