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Lumumba Files General Election Report

Democratic nominee for the mayor's office Chokwe Lumumba has filed a general election campaign finance report, which you can read http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/documents/2013/may/29/chokwe-lumumbas-general-election-report/">here.

Councilman Lumumba has raised $71,614 since April 28, and spent $74,696 in that same period, leaving him with $15,333 in the tank headed into the June 4 general election against three independent candidates.

Year-to-date, Lumumba has raised $140,367 and spent $133,988.

Some of his biggest contributors on this report are Samuel L. Agnew of Baton Rouge, La. ($15,000), SJG Consultants Inc. of Greenville ($8,000), Winston Thompson III of Madison ($5,000) and a "G. Williams" of Ridgeland ($5,000).


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