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Siemens Deal Cleared In Court

The complaint filed in chancery court has been withdrawn and District 3 Judge Denise Owens ruled Thursday to allow the city of Jackson to issue bonds to pay for the $90 million sewer and water improvement project with the Siemens company.

According to Advanced Technology Business Solutions attorney Herbert Irvin, the company and its president Dan Hewitt withdrew its complaint, which accused Siemens of promising savings it couldn't possibly deliver, because it got a closer look at the deal.

"After looking at the contract and the details," Irvin said. "We saw the economic impact of the temporary and permanent jobs, and realized the positive economic impact the deal with have on the city."

The original complaint stated, "When the energy savings proposal was presented to the City Council of the City of Jackson, Mississippi, project representatives stated that the City of Jackson would realize an annual savings of approximately $8 million during the 15-year period of the loan. In reviewing the preliminary official statement for the bond transaction, we find that there will not be any appreciable, discernible savings generated by this project – only increased collections from these users of the water system due to more accurate metering."

Hewitt could not be reached for comment.


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