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June 30, 2012

Videos from Flaming Lips 24-Hour Tour

By Jacob Fuller

Here's a look at the Flaming Lips kicking off their 8th show in 24 hours at the House of Blues in New Orleans.

Check back for more videos:

Interviews with Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips and Chris Pontius of Jackass

Watch Chris Pontius lead the parade down Decatur Street in New Orleans to the House of Blues

See behind the scenes of the O Music Awards and the Flaming Lips world-record tour

And many, many photos to come...

June 27, 2012 | 3 comments

Live From the Road: Flaming Lips' 24-Hour Tour

By Jacob Fuller

Alright, I am about to leave the office and hop on I-55 to Memphis, where I'll join up with MTV, VH1 and the Flaming Lips as the band tries perform a world-record 8 concerts in 24 hours. All the while, they will be hosting the O Music Awards, which will be broadcast for the entire 24 hours on I'll be taking the entire trip, hopefully. I'm definitely going to be there from Memphis to Jackson, including shows in Clarksdale and Oxford. Whether I continue on to Hattiesburg, Biloxi, Baton Rouge and New Orleans is largely up to the glorious Donna Ladd. I will be updating the blog with words and photos whenever I get the chance from the road. So as you watch the live online stream, go to the shows or do whatever life has in store for you over the next 28 hours or so, check in here for all the Flaming Lips world-record tour info you can handle.

Also, if you attend any of the shows, see the caravan pass by or run the Flaming Lips at a gas station, tell us about your experience here!

Update 5:54 p.m.: I called my contact with MTV on my way to Memphis to ask where I need to meet the media caravan. He told me that the bus was full, and I was not on the list, as Gayle from Text100 told me I was June 19. He is still going to give me passes to all of the shows, but I don't have a ride.

Gayle was extremely apologetic, and said there was something lost between her and the folks at MTV. She thought I was on the list.

Since I would have been stuck in Memphis with no ride, I came to Oxford, where I have friends going to the show. I'll be going to the show here, starting at 9 p.m. and following the band to Jackson (if my ride doesn't fall through, again).

My plan is to follow them on to Hattiesburg, and probably call it quits after that, as I don't think I'll be awake enough to drive after that. I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get on the media bus, especially after I was told that I had a spot on it. Not going to let it ruin my night, though. I'll still give you all updates from the road. I think Virginia Schreiber will take the photos in Jackson. I'm sure she'll share those as well. Check back for more updates from road, from Oxford to Hattiesburg...

Update 7:49 p.m.: I'm sitting at Ajax in Oxford. Just got a call from MTV, they said there is room on the bus after all. I already have a ride from Oxford to Jackson, and we can get to Jackson faster than caravan. So I'll get on media bus after Jackson show and follow the rest of the tour. Great to know someone got on the list and didn't care ...

June 26, 2012

Welcome to the Music Section

By brianarobinson

Hey y’all, welcome to the new JFP music section. Poke around, and you’ll see plenty of new features.

We now have a page that lists local bands. As we continue updating it, it will have info about the artists’ influences, members, history, etc. Email me at if you would like your musical act’s information on the website. I can also upload your songs for readers to download, listen to or make playlists from.

What’s also exciting is this new music blog! It’s just one of many cool music features that come with the new website. We’ll update it regularly with news and thoughts on music. The blog is not just a staff thing, though. If you’re interested in music blogging, you can either start blogging on your own (because every JFP-site user can blog on our site), and we’ll pick up on it and add you to the music, or email me (at

Have fun with the new site!