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Frank Bluntson, Twitter Trend Setter?

Ward 4 City Councilman Frank Bluntson has either forgotten how Twitter works, or he's trying to push boundaries. Maybe the councilman is trying to set a new trend by either starting all tweets with his name, or simply tweeting his name and leaving out any further thoughts altogether.

Either way, I know I'll be keeping a closer eye @frankbluntson. I'm hoping he'll soon start a series where he names himself, and then hashtags some of his favorite things and campaign topics. Such as,

"Frank Bluntson #LeatherChairs"

"Frank Bluntson #FineFittingSuits"

"Frank Bluntson #BusinessFriendly"

"Frank Bluntson, #CampaigningForMayorFromMyCouncilSeatCauseFrankAintPresidentAnyMore"

"Frank Bluntson #ComingForYouHarvey"


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