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Ain’t Grand Juries Grand? Not Always.

Every person who is acquitted by a jury was indicted by a grand jury. Let that sink in, Dennis Sweet III, a prominent Jackson attorney, told an audience recently when ...

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Battlefield Park Fights for Its Reputation

Willa Womack, the Battlefield Park president, told the Jackson Free Press that she believes it's unfair that their neighborhood is painted negatively when violence occurs anywhere in west Jackson, particularly ...

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Next Steps for Ward 3, Stokes and Hinds Board

As far as Jackson elections go, it's unusual for one candidate to walk away with a landslide victory in an eight-way race.

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Big Ideas from Ward 3 Hopefuls

Eight people are vying for the vacant seat of Ward 3 representative on the Jackson City Council. The election takes place tomorrow, Jan. 27.

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McDaniel Titillates with PAC Formation

Although it doesn't exactly come as a shock that state Sen. Chris McDaniel has formed a new political-action committee, McDaniel is leaving everyone in suspense about what his next moves ...

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What Gov. Bryant Left Out of His SOTS

In his fourth State of the State address, Gov. Phil Bryant reiterated much of the agenda he already laid out in his budget recommendation, but the subjects the first-term governor ...

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Why Newsrooms Need Leaders

It's a news manager's job to challenge journalists—that includes the reporters they supervise as well as their fellow managers—to step out of their comfort zones and get to the 5 ...

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Hinds Wastewater Plan Worries Jackson

Some members of the Jackson City Council are nervous about a proposal to establish a regional wastewater authority they fear could hurt the city's own sewage system, one of the ...

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James Meredith

It shouldn't be surprising that James Meredith, whose life and activism is the subject of a whole corner at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, has a plan to ...

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Bayard Rustin

If Martin Luther King Jr. was the face and the voice of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and '60s, Bayard Rustin was the movement's conscience because he was ...

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