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I am not from Mississippi. That is, I was not born here. My momma and 'dem don't live here.

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Summer Manifesto

When we're adults, (for most of us, at least) the summer no longer means little to no responsibilities, but it still holds a certain kind of enchantment.

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Mississippi Marine Eats

When it comes to seafood, Mississippi may not be the first state on most folks' lips, but we enjoy an abundance of seafood from both the Gulf Coast and the ...

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A Beautiful Blend

The best weddings combine personal aspects into something fully unique to the couple. When Setu Raval wed Zach Seivers, the occasion incorporated Indian culture, southern family values, cinematic flair, and ...

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Joseph Moss

Joseph Moss uses the word "fortunate" a lot. He says it when talking about his parents and how they raised him on a cattle farm in Canton to know the ...

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The Wine Guy

Sommelier John Malanchak has a low-stress approach to teaching about wine.

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Good Ideas: Health

Women's health in Jackson must encompass many things—healthy food, exercise and mental-health resources, to name a few—but wellness also depends on reproductive health, which is one of the areas where ...

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Good Ideas: Security

If a woman can't make enough money to support herself and her family, she may not have the strength to get out of an abusive situation.

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Good Ideas: Leadership

Time and time again, studies show that when women's lives improve—economically, educationally, health-wise or otherwise—so do their family's.

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Race You

This week kicks off race and 5K season, and hopefully with it, beautiful spring weather just begging for folks to get outside and run around.

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The Ultimate Comfort Food

Only one meal is worth ordering at O'Connor's—not because it's the only good thing on the menu, which I'm sure it isn't, but because it is so delicious and so ...

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