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A Cold War Mentality

Back in the summer of 1992, just months after the failed coup that led to the fall of communism and Boris Yeltsin's rise to leadership in a new post-Soviet Russia, ...

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Why Hillary Clinton Lost

Neal Gabler and many of the anti-Trump post-election protesters are wrong when they issue a blanket indictment of all Trump voters, millions of whom voted out of an economic desperation ...

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Political War Stories

Many American voters are profoundly unhappy with the candidates from both major parties this election. Fifteen years of war are enough, you two! Americans are sick of war.

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A Topsy-Turvy World

I didn't make it to the recent Donald Trump rally in Jackson, but I'm sure my ears would have perked up as soon as the Republican presidential candidate began attacking ...

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The Rights of Working People

A longstanding French tradition upholds the rights of working people—and it goes back as far as the 1789 revolution with the so-called "sans-culottes" who were too poor to afford the ...

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Rebelling Against the Rebellion

Newt Knight is described as a "deserter, renegade and assassin" on the website of the local Sons of the Confederate Veterans chapter in Jones County, but Lew Smith in nearby ...

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Told You So About #MSLeg

In the poorest, most woe-begotten state in the United States, the Mississippi Troika and their loyal minions have managed to cut even deeper into woefully underfunded state education, health care, ...

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A French Government Official Weighs in on Nissan

A top deputy in the French National Assembly is calling on the French government to weigh in on behalf of workers at the giant Nissan plant in Canton who want ...

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Mississippi: Amazing for Film

Mississippi and its local communities benefit when the cameras roll here, whether they're big studio Hollywood cameras or those of independent filmmakers.

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Bernie Sanders: For the People

Southerners are friendly folk, so Bernie Sanders is going to hear a lot of "Y'all come!" as he takes his populist presidential campaign to Dixie. The question is: Will they ...

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Jimbo’s Fire in the Belly

I've seen Bible-wagging Pentecostal Holiness preachers at revival time who couldn't match rock 'n' roller Jimbo Mathus for fire in the belly.

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A Right to Choose at Nissan

A growing number of workers in recent months have called for an election to determine whether the United Auto Workers should represent them.

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Battle to Unionize Nissan

CANTON – Michael Carter hardly evokes the Hollywood image of a podium-pounding, fire-breathing labor agitator.

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Danny Glover Stands with Workers

CANTON - Actor Danny Glover told a half-dozen Nissan workers at the United Auto Workers office here last Friday that he had a special, personal reason for meeting with them ...

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Not So Young Guns

OLIVE BRANCH, Miss.—I'm staring into the face of Marshal Wyatt Earp. It's not exactly as I remember him back when I was a 10-year-old would-be cowboy and Wyatt was on ...

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