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Personhood Mississippi to Push for Amendment Again

Personhood Mississippi president Les Riley announced yesterday that the group will begin another petition drive to put a personhood initiative back on the ballot.


Personhood Resolutions Die in Committee

Four anti-abortion personhood resolutions introduced into the Legislature have died in committee.


Personhood: Symbol or Substance?

Although state Sen. Joey Fillingane, R-Sumrall, says it's unlikely the Mississippi Legislature will take up the debate over personhood this year, efforts by state lawmakers in Mississippi and elsewhere in ...


Personhood Resolution in House

As the window for introducing bills in the Mississippi Legislature closes, the personhood debate has once again surfaced.


Personhood Redux

Just three months after voters turned down a Personhood Initiative, at least one legislator is trying to get it back on the ballot.


Early Returns on Personhood 45% Yes 55 % NO; Voter ID Winning 62% So Far

Early returns (17 percent or so) indicate that (a) Phil Bryant is winning, (b) Jim Hood is winning, (c) Personhood is LOSING and (d) Voter ID is winning. More when ...


Arkansas AG Tells Personhood to ‘Redesign' Proposed Ballot Initiative

Earlier this week, Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel sent sponsors of a proposed personhood ballot amendment back to the drawing board.


Personhood Mississippi: We Are Listening to Voters

Personhood Mississippi founder Les Riley sent out a statement this morning praising Personhood legislation in the Oklahoma Senate and promising further efforts in Mississippi that will address voters' concerns about ...

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‘They Do Not Speak for Me'

When she was 18 years old, Ashley Sigrest was raped and got an abortion. Now a mother of three, Sigrest volunteers with Personhood Mississippi and hopes to outlaw abortion in ...


Personhood Stalled in Nevada, Arkansas

As Mississippi voters rejected a proposed personhood amendment last November, Personhood USA and other supporters of the measure already had plans underway to promote similar initiatives in other states.

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That’s Not How Pregnancy Works

Sit back for a moment and think back to the long gone days of 2011. That was the year many of us were either working to ensure Initiative 26 (better ...

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Banks Raises Personhood in Court Race

In its final push toward the Nov. 6 election, Rep. Earle Banks' campaign for a seat on the state's supreme court is deploying a different strategy in his race against ...


Personhood Heads to the Capitol

Just over a week into the legislative session, we're already seeing some movement on "personhood" bills, to define when human life and legal protections begin, similar to Initiative 26, which ...

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Nothing New in 41

Mississippi does need more education around reproductive health. Most of us fighting "personhood round one" found that many people didn't have a good grasp on how reproduction and birth control ...


[Feedback] Logic, Offended

I do not consider myself to be pro-life, and I opposed the Personhood Initiative, but the article by Brian McGowan ("The Attack on Republicanism," Vol. 10, Issue 26) offended my ...


Personhood Wants Another Vote

Personhood may be dead in the Mississippi Legislature, but supporters of last fall's ballot initiative to define embryos as human beings are stepping up their efforts to put another personhood ...

Person of the Day

Sen. Joey Fillingane

Personhood supporters and detractors are still trying to sort out the ramifications and nuances of an anti-abortion resolution introduced yesterday. Sen. Joey Fillingane, R-Sumrall, introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 555, seeking ...

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Mississippi Women: Time to ‘Personhood’ Donald Trump, Mike Pence

Mississippi women turned back Personhood in 2011. Now, we need to vote against two men likely to limit everything from the birth-control pill to in vitro fertilization, from affordable cancer ...


Live from Yes on 26

Personhood is the race to watch tonight, with supporters at a "watch and pray" event hosted by Yes on 26 saying it's too close to call.