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Health Care

Medicaid Assistance: Non-Smokers Only?

Medicaid recipients--and the agencies that provide services to them--could face a slew of new restrictions, including random drug tests, community service and nicotine testing if several bills in the Senate ...


Wish List for Charter Schools

The charter school bills currently making their way through both houses of the Legislature are not a done deal, said education advocate Pam Shaw. As the bills pass through committees ...


Runaway, Prostitute or Victim?

Not too long ago in another state, a high-school boy offered a high-school girl a ride home. He drugged her drink, took nude photos of her and used the pictures ...


Marchers Protest 'War on Women'

About 50 people gathered this morning to march around the Capitol and oppose state legislators' attempts to pass anti-abortion bills and personhood legislation during the current session.