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Question o' the Week: What woman should run for office in Mississippi?

“People say there are not enough qualified women, that’s one of the biggest bullsh_t things I’ve ever heard.” —Madeleine Albright


Question o' the Week: In three words, how would you describe this year’s city elections?

In three words, how would you describe this year’s city elections?

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Laurie Bertram Roberts

When she was 18, Laurie Roberts lay on a hospital table on the edge of life.

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Whole, Fulfilled, Loved

Standing on the playground that day, it was clear I liked the little blonde girl who was playing in front of me. It wasn't in a "I want to be ...


Question o' the Week: We are celebrating the life of Medgar Evers this week; if you could say anything to him, what would it be?

We are celebrating the life of Medgar Evers this week; if you could say anything to him, what would it be?

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Safe in Our Own ‘Castles’

One of the last places I want to find myself when traveling with my family is on the side of dark stretch of freeway with flashing lights behind me.

Health Care

Medicaid Assistance: Non-Smokers Only?

Medicaid recipients--and the agencies that provide services to them--could face a slew of new restrictions, including random drug tests, community service and nicotine testing if several bills in the Senate ...


Zero Tolerance for Children

Nsombi Lambright, executive director of ACLU Mississippi, doesn't bother going to her son's school anymore for lunch. She tried it as a way to connect with him, offer support for ...


Wish List for Charter Schools

The charter school bills currently making their way through both houses of the Legislature are not a done deal, said education advocate Pam Shaw. As the bills pass through committees ...

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Do Better, Jackson

When I became a feminist activist and a visible advocate for a woman's right to choose, I knew that I might lose a few friends in the process. Abortion has ...

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Let's Clean House

As we move forward as a city and a state, it's time we discussed the difference between blame and accountability.

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That’s Not How Pregnancy Works

Sit back for a moment and think back to the long gone days of 2011. That was the year many of us were either working to ensure Initiative 26 (better ...

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I Hold My Son Close

Black mothers do not have reproductive justice. If we choose to parent, we have a long list of things to protect our children from.

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Help When It’s Needed

Recently, fast-food workers across the country went on strike. They asked for something fairly simple: a living wage. Make no mistake: The multinational companies that employ these workers can afford ...

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Save People, Not Just Boobies

Every October, almost every company in the country suddenly—and suspiciously—cares about the health of womenfolk and wants to stop breast cancer.

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Milking Our Emotions

With all that is going on with the government lately, people on all sides of the political spectrum seem to be on edge. Nothing will make people emotional faster than ...

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No Apologies, No Excuses for Racist Symbols

Recently on social media I've read a lot of conversation about the state flag and, because of Halloween, white people wearing blackface.

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We Don’t Need Another Hero, Jackson

As we are faced with the challenge of moving forward after the loss of Mayor Lumumba, I recognize the appeal of being told there is someone who can save us. ...

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In Love of Humanity

Change, like time, has no care for how you feel or if you are ready for it. It shows up when it wants and makes itself known. We must choose ...

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Nothing New in 41

Mississippi does need more education around reproductive health. Most of us fighting "personhood round one" found that many people didn't have a good grasp on how reproduction and birth control ...