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RaSul Hijaz El

RaSul Hijaz El is a talented portrait artist known to a small following in Jackson for bringing his subjects to life with pen, pencil and pastels.

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Jackson R&B Crooner Releases New EP

A couple years ago, I wrote about an up-and-coming R&B singer named Kerry Thomas, who also goes by the name KT.

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Ole Miss Fracas Weeks in the Making

Around the time Fox News Channel was calling the presidential election in favor of President Barack Obama, black students at the University of Mississippi erupted with joy.

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Haute (White) House

In terms of Barack Obama’s re-election, “four more years” means different things to different people.

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A Tough Week

It was another tough week for college football teams in Mississippi with one exception. Last week was SWACtastic for Mississippi as all three SWAC teams won this past weekend.

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First Person

Today, I'm hearing rumors about riots at Ole Miss after the official presidential election results came in declaring President Obama the winner.

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The Southern Strategy's Last Stand?

This entire arc of ugly is good for us all, ultimately.

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Global Opus

The Mississippi Opera opens its 68th season with “A World of Opera.”


Lawmakers Probe Widening Generals Scandal

Lawmakers are digging into the tangled tale of emails that exposed an extramarital affair ending David Petraeus' CIA career and led investigators to a questionable relationship between a Florida socialite ...

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The Icing on the Cake

Like many other aspects of the wedding world, wedding cakes have really taken the spotlight in the past few years in a way they didn’t in the past.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: "Suppressing"

Once again, it seems that a conservative is attempting to appropriate words and change history.

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Adverse Effects

Each medication has a most common possible side effect, and a licensed provider knows what necessary tests to perform before prescribing it.

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A Threat to Power

From the beginning, no matter what the clueless pundits said about how close the presidential race would be, there was one huge thing standing in the way of a Republican ...

Bryan's Rant

So Much for ‘Redskins’ Rule

Last week in the sports world we learned one major thing. President Barack Obama is more powerful than the “Redskins Rule.”

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Fresh Ink

I’ve always been fascinated by tattoos and the bold people who use their body as a canvas in order to showcase their life or passions in art.

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Budget: First the Bad News

Federal budget cuts would be a huge hit to Mississippi's gross domestic product, state economist Darrin Webb told Gov. Phil Bryant and the Legislative Budget Committee at a meeting Monday.

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Doing What They Do

“We wanted to incorporate what we thought was good music, and lyrically write the experiences we had,” guitarist Chandler Wood says.

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A Jump to the Left? Mississippi: The 2012 Elections and Beyond

Among the many names folks have called Mississippi—from the Hospitality State to the Cradle of the Confederacy—“political trendsetter” probably doesn’t rank high on many lists.

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Pilots Crash While Enroute to Safety Conference

Three pilots flying together to a federal safety conference died when their single-engine plane faltered in midair and crashed into a house that went up in flames.

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Bloody Good Show

“Skyfall” is an exquisite film that teams suspense, remorse, and dysfunction in the MI6 family with snappy banter and inventive direction.