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A Lost Hope: Remembering Lil Lonnie and 2018’s Deadliest Month

Rising hip-hop artist Lonnie "Lil Lonnie" Taylor, 22, was driving around his hometown of Jackson with a woman in the passenger's seat around 10 p.m. on April 29. Suddenly, someone ...

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Undocumented and Caught in the System

Traditionally, the Federal Bureau of Prisons houses undocumented immigrants charged with federal crimes in "criminal alien requirement" facilities. Private prison corporations run the BOP's 11 contract prisons.

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Mississippi Civil Rights Sites Vie to Become National Park

It is hard to choose which site of civil-rights trauma in Mississippi should be a national park, but the effort is under way and controversial, even among some family members ...

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‘I’m So Scared’: Saving Kids from Suicide

In 2016, 385 Mississippians committed suicide, statistics from the Mississippi Department of Health show, which means more than one person per day took his or her own life in the ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Jackson, Lil Lonnie Must Not Die in Vain

When Lil Lonnie died in his car near the home where a white supremacist shot down Medgar Evers in 1963 in front of his children, in a neighborhood where kids ...

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Midtown Celebration

Since Midfest's start in 2014, the street festival and block party has been focused on celebrating what the midtown area has to offer, showcasing local businesses and the creative talents ...

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EDITORIAL: Feds Must Stop Cruel Deportations, Rethink ‘War on Drugs’

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are arresting more undocumented immigrants now than under the previous administration—nonviolent undocumented men and women as Donald Trump uses scare tactics about dangerous immigrant gangs ...

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Mississippi Treasurer Intends to Run for Attorney General

Second-term Mississippi Treasurer Lynn Fitch says she intends to run for state attorney general next year.

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Andrea Reid

When Andrea Reid, 33, and her husband, Kevin Reid, were beginning CityHeart Church, she says they often asked themselves why Jackson needs another church when it has so many.