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Much Ado About Flooding: How 'One Lake' Could Change the Pearl River

People like to settle near rivers due to their need for water, good soil and potential food sources a river can provide, not to mention recreation. Still, it is important ...

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How Gov. Phil Bryant Is Hurting Mississippi

In my personal journey in the fight for fairness, equality and progress, I have come to a stark conclusion: Gov. Phil Bryant is single-handedly preventing our state from progressing and ...

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Bill O'Reilly Out at Fox News Channel After 20 Years

Fox News Channel's parent company fired Bill O'Reilly on Wednesday following an investigation into harassment allegations, bringing a stunning end to cable television news' most popular program and one that ...

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To My Unborn Daughter

I'm here to remind you of the truth. Warriors flow through your veins—brown women who integrated schools, survived Jim Crow. Slavery and Manifest Destiny are a part of your DNA.

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Downtown's Sweet Restoration

The JFP recently talked to Elizabeth Augustine over the phone about her journey to Sugar Ray's, the business itself and its place in the landscape of a changing downtown Jackson.

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Where the City’s Sidewalk Begins: Real Solutions

What does Jackson need? The most often griped-about, joked-about and discussed surface-level fix in this city are potholes.

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Stop Summer Learning Loss with Structured Programs

In a recent conversation with a patient, she inquired about what the best scenario for her children would be during summer vacation.

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Revealing ‘Rigoletto’

The latest production from the Mississippi Opera, "Rigoletto," may be a recognizable name even for people who aren't versed in the classics.

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The Days of Deejays

As an artist who came up in the early-2000s hip-hop scene and still performs today, New York native Sam Zornow, whom fans know as DJ Shiftee, has experienced two different ...

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Through the Keyhole

The keyhole garden is a great option for those of us with small backyards or small budgets.

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Bottles and Bubbles: 2017 Wine Tasting

It's the 2017 Spring Food issue, which means one thing: JFP staffers gathered together to try some more wine.

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Beer: If It Looks Good, Drink It

I've always loved this particular phrase from "Bizarre Foods" host Andrew Zimmern: "If it looks good, eat it."

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Alyssa Bryant

At 12 years old, Alyssa Bryant got sick, and it was two more years before doctors diagnosed her with Crohn's Disease. After years in and out of hospitals, she decided ...

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Fire Marshal Distributes 300 Free Smoke Alarms

The Mississippi insurance commissioner is distributing about 300 smoke alarms in an effort to reduce fire deaths.