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Gov. Winter: Self-Made Hero on Road Less Traveled

Since Gov. William Winter fell on ice last Saturday, scaring the dickens out of so many people, I've been thinking about that congressman. Was it worth it to go along ...

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Forbidding Family Photos

Following a statute passed in 2012, the Mississippi Department of Corrections has instituted major changes to its visitation policies, including a rule banning inmates and families from taking photographs on ...

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Building a bōl

On the first floor of the Walter Sillers building in downtown Jackson, diners whip in and out of bōl on their way to and from work in their offices. For ...

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A Space for Experimental Art

A large geometric shield sits in a corner, the word "SUBMIND" projected on it. Local artist daniel johnson, who does not capitalize his name, stands in front of a crowd ...

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Mistrial for Smith, But Bribery Question Lingers

The trial of Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith for conspiracy to hinder prosecution by aiding or assisting a defendant ended last week with a mistrial after a simple ...

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Aretha Henry, Superhuman

Ever since Aretha Henry started recording music in 2008, she says her songwriting has leaned toward being a bit moody. "(It's) sometimes feathery with a little edge, sometimes sweet and ...


Leg, No Time to Wait for Trump on Transportation

Most lawmakers know infrastructure is a problem, but many dodge the question of how to fund solutions.

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Politics Cripple Superintendents Group

The Mississippi Association of School Superintendents is running out of funding, largely due to a last-minute change a few lawmakers made last session to the State's education budget bill, cutting ...

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The Truth About Snakes

As it sits, the Legislature is set to look at a lot of things, but some of the big ones concern changing our school-funding formula (MAEP); deciding whether or not ...

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Broadening the Tent: Lumumba Vows to Gain, Give Respect as Mayor

Chokwe Antar Lumumba says that addressing crime in a comprehensive way means getting to the core systemic issues that lead to many of Jackson's problems, including poverty and a lack ...

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Blair Schaefer

The latest victory for unbeaten Mississippi State was doubly satisfying for coach Vic Schaefer.