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Making Healthy Changes

We often get caught up in wanting to look a certain way, and can easily be discouraged when we don't reach our goals overnight. I encourage my patients to strive ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: #TIMESUP for Sexual Harassment

The women who wore black at the Golden Globes and called men out are right. It's time we stopped being OK with gender inequality and sexual harassment, and those micro-aggressions ...

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Judge Blocks Trump decision to End Young Immigrant Program

A federal judge on Tuesday night temporarily blocked the Trump administration's decision to end a program protecting young immigrants from deportation.

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The Most Intriguing of 2017

The last year was a crazy one, to say the least, but crazy often means that intriguing people came out of the woodwork. Here are some of the local people ...

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The Pasta Stepping Stone

In February 2017, Chaz Lindsay began a business he thought was much needed in his hometown: the Belhaven Pasta Company.

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Chris Myers

Architect Chris Myers, who is a principal at the Cooke Douglass Farr Lemons architectural firm, has worked on a number of major projects in Jackson. But one of the most ...

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Crises in the Capitol: Infrastructure, Crime Lab, Not Enough Money to Cover Needs

It's hard to prosecute someone for a violent crime if you do not know how the victim died. The Mississippi Legislature is grappling over that question in the new session; ...

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Fixing Jackson's $7 Million HUD Debt

A $7-million debt to the Department of Housing and Urban Development caused contention at the first Jackson City Council meeting of the new year, bringing recurring HUD headaches back to ...

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Dismantling the Last Debtors’ Prisons

Corinth police officers arrested Sammy Brown on Dec. 1, 2017, and charged him with public drunkenness. Brown sat in jail for several days because he could not afford the $600 ...

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OPINION: Why The Silence on Project EJECT?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. understood that at a certain point, silence becomes betrayal. Nearly 50 years later, too many individuals are still unwilling to break away from the shackles ...

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Keeping China’s Traditions Alive

Theater-goers who attend a Shen Yun performance will experience the marriage of classical Chinese dance and original orchestra works, but what people may not anticipate is a deeply embedded and ...

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Democratic Report Warns of Russian Meddling Across Europe

A new report by Senate Democrats warns of deepening Russian interference throughout Europe and concludes that even as some Western democracies have responded with aggressive countermeasures, President Donald Trump has ...

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EDITORIAL: Water Successes, Public Information Losses

The new year ushered in a freezing cold front that put our pipes and infrastructure to the test. Seeing that we're in the second week of the year and also ...