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Weeknight Warriors

The immediacy of music is one of the things that I find captivating about living in a city instead of the countryside or, say, a deserted island where the closest ...

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Vinyl for Life

When Jay Ferchaud returned my call on a Friday in October, he was equal parts apologetic and ecstatic. Just before our scheduled interview, he learned that a store in Arkansas ...

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American Aquarium

Change has long been the status quo for singer-songwriter BJ Barham of alternative-country act American Aquarium, but rarely has so much happened in such a short span of time.

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Light Beam Rider

Light Beam Rider may hail from Corinth, Miss., but for many years, Jacksonians could frequently catch the group's freaked-out indie-rock sound at local venues such as Hal & Mal's and ...

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The State in ‘Little Stories’

As a rule, photo books have a few simple goals. Whether the focus is on nature, architecture or even a specific event, they can either provide deep and poignant reminders ...

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Cathead's Headliners

Local music festival Cathead Jam is returning for a third installment in celebration of the Cathead Distillery’s eighth year in Jackson. While plenty of the performers are Ardenland alumni who ...

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Five Foolproof First-Date Stops

There's an art to the first date—an awkward, nerve-wracking, constantly on-your-toes art. Thankfully, this year's Best of Jackson Best Place for a First Date finalists are perfect choices for a ...

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The Fault with Free Love

Darcey Steinke spent much of her youth in the suburbs of Roanoke, Va., where she saw the effects of the '60s social movements.

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Vacationer Sighs with ‘Relief’

Even after achieving a level of success with Vacationer's 2012 album "Gone," it's still a surprise to hear Vasoli's signature sound applied to a more tranquil type of music.

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Chance the Purchase

Blind-purchasing music can put your preconceived tastes to the test.

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Bigger Than a Brand

If I say, "I'm an avid news reader," you might expect that I have substantial opinions on the country's economic state, political problems, or other significant yet dreary information from ...

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Panorama Jazz Band

As a child, Ben Schenck stood outside his home in Annapolis, Md., as a parade came down the block, a drum line and bugle corps leading the charge. Even then, ...

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Giving a Voice to ‘Throatless’

When producer Curtis Lehr first began making electronic music in 2009, it was an experiment in limitations, as they were relegated to a few sample loops on free recording software.

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Understanding in a ‘Trainwreck’

Like Quentin Tarantino or Wes Anderson, if you don't enjoy one of Judd Apatow's films, there's a solid chance that you won't enjoy any of them.

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Oren Renick

Author Oren Renick, a professor at Texas State University in San Marcos, is an exhibitor at this year's Mississippi Book Festival, which takes place Saturday, Aug. 20, from 9 a.m. ...

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Pause for Applause

A signature sound is more a product of its surroundings than the artists that fill them, and whether we like to admit that or not, an audience's reaction has an ...

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The Avett Brothers: Learning from ‘Sadness’

Fans of The Avett Brothers might not have to find the band in such high spirits based on the title of their ninth album, "True Sadness."

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A Closer Look at ‘Crossroads’

Brandon, Miss., singer-songwriter Tommy Ray and I have crossed paths on more than a few occasions, usually with me catching the tail end of his sets at Bonny Blair's Irish ...

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‘Now Entering Ardenland’

With the number of award-winning acts that Ardenland has funneled through the city, it's easy to forget that the company has only existed for about three years. But Arden Barnett's ...

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The Banner Studios: Setting up Stars

Sneakers squeak down the length of the basketball court at the Boys & Girls Club of Central Mississippi's Capitol Street unit.