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Susan Bender

Susan Bender, 56, fosters a passion for biological sciences among her students. "It's a wonderful bunch of students that just need someone to tell them it's OK to try and ...

Tease photo Jacksonian

Deeneaus Polk

The experiences Deeneaus Polk gained while doing research in Germany help him create and implement policies that focus on poverty and economic disparity in Mississippi.


Failings and Desires

"You Think That's Bad: Stories" (Knopf, 2011, $24.95), a collection of short stories by Jim Shepard, speaks to harsh realities about human existence. Almost astonishingly varied settings and writing styles ...


Chloe Garth-Elkins

Chloe Garth-Elkins' Saturday Upward Bound class at Jackson State University is learning about the word rastaquouere. The students begin to grasp the true meaning of the word through application of ...

Person of the Day

Tom Harmon

"Art is a very important part of community. You can't have too much," artist Tom Harmon says.