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No Apologies, No Excuses for Racist Symbols

Recently on social media I've read a lot of conversation about the state flag and, because of Halloween, white people wearing blackface.

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We Don’t Need Another Hero, Jackson

As we are faced with the challenge of moving forward after the loss of Mayor Lumumba, I recognize the appeal of being told there is someone who can save us. ...

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In Love of Humanity

Change, like time, has no care for how you feel or if you are ready for it. It shows up when it wants and makes itself known. We must choose ...

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Nothing New in 41

Mississippi does need more education around reproductive health. Most of us fighting "personhood round one" found that many people didn't have a good grasp on how reproduction and birth control ...

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The Other Dr. King

As I commemorated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, I thought about the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we rarely hear about. We have allowed people to define ...

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Mississippi’s Gumbo

Mississippi has always had a diverse group of people. Think of an ethnic group and, in all likelihood, its people reside here. Though their numbers may be smaller, all of ...

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The Swimsuit Body

I challenge myself to question the judgments I make about people, including what makes people attractive, and why I think someone should or shouldn't wear something.

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Leading and Loving

As an activist (and a real-life poor person), I am offended when I have to deal with classism within the liberal political and social-justice organizations I work with.

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Courting Dixiecrat Votes

This election season has been exceedingly disappointing to me as a liberal. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see a Democratic candidate sign a pledge from ...

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Teen Pregnancy, Misunderstood

It takes a lot of courage for teens to go to a clinic. Shaming them when they get there doesn't encourage them to come back or tell their friends it's ...

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Step Up on LGBT Rights, City of Jackson

I am wondering how it is that Waveland just became the seventh city in Mississippi to pass a diversity resolution acknowledging that LGBT citizens are a valued part of their ...

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Panic Doesn’t Fight Crime

We in the Jackson area have been rocked recently by some horrific murders. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims.

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Not Buying It This Year

As many people come off the high of the Thanksgiving holiday and the shopping experiences of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I am spending my time contemplating if all the ...

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Overcoming Ableism

When my twins were diagnosed with autism at age 2, I did what most parents do: I learned how to advocate for my kids.

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Gov. Phil Bryant’s Welfare-Queen Rhetoric

There are no simple fixes for poverty in our state. Yet, instead of coming up with a multifaceted comprehensive plan to help, Phil Bryant is feeding us bumper-sticker slogans and ...

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Playing Politics with Abortion

Our lawmakers are choosing to focus on abortion because it is low-hanging fruit to get political points with their base.

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Rising and Falling

Navigating the tricky world of being The Black Person has been my life. I'm a biracial woman who was raised half her life in an almost all-white town and who ...

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A Dangerous Game

Rarely does a two-day period go by that I don't get a Facebook message or email asking about how to apply for Medicaid or where to access free or low-cost ...

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Who's Moral Now?

In my last column, I wrote about the importance of Medicaid expansion to our state--and specifically to me. Sometimes we pay a price for publicly sharing a story; my price ...

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Kuumba and Imani to You

My family and I have been celebrating Kwanzaa for 11 years as of this year. In 2003, I decided my family was going to have our first Kwanzaa after researching ...