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E & L Barbeque

  • 1111 Bailey Ave. Jackson, MS 39203
  • 601-355-5035


For another year E & L has managed to maintain its hold on the Best Ribs title. That is no mean feat, as many other contenders remain close on their heels. In this rib war, however, we the customers are the true winners. If you have been living under a rock for the last decade then I can only offer this; you are missing out on the spicy, sweet, smoky and mouth-watering goodness that can only be found at E & L. They also offer a full menu of other delights: rib tips, smoked sausage, pork sandwiches and pig ears (for the bold and daring). And forget about fine china. At E & L, just load up your Styrofoam box, and you're good to go. Sound appealing? Then take a friend, a lover, your kids or even your boss, and show them some ribs worth getting messy with.—Michael Jacome

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