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Facing the Truth

On Friday night, I made the road trip to my aunt and uncle's Flowood home to finally see "Mississippi ReMixed," a documentary by Jackson native Myra Ottewell who examines her ...


Will the Next Josh Hailey Stand Up?

I remember the first time I saw Josh Hailey. I was covering the City of Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce banquet for the Madison County Journal in 2009. At this suburban ...


[McLaughlin] More Female Candidates, Please

Whenever I meet a smart, progressive Mississippi woman who gets her opinion across, remains firm but compassionate and has the ability to inspire others, I find myself ecstatically blurting out: ...


[McLaughlin] Lovers Unite

The people who go out of their way to make life better for others inspire me. With Valentine's Day approaching, we should celebrate our love¬ónot only for each other, but ...

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Start Moving

It's hard to describe the freedom that comes with not relying on a car for transportation, because for many people this means just the opposite. Last week a group of ...

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Love Thy Neighbor

I grew up in the Episcopal Church, and it was the center of everything my family did. From Sunday school to youth group and potluck dinners, the church provided a ...

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Whip It Good

Every year for Halloween, I struggle when it come to finding the perfect costume. Instead of dressing up as an oversexed nurse or pop star, I've always found it a ...


Kicking It Up

I have a confession; lately I haven't been living in the moment. Here at the JFP we have a million ideas and staff members who work insanely hard because of ...

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Spreading False Fears

Women are stupid. At least that's what the National Independent Women's Forum seems to believe. This week the Republican-leaning non-profit advocacy group aired a television ad with inaccurate information about ...

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Forward Commute

For the past year, I have embarked on what I call the backward commute. I worked in Ridgeland at the Madison County Journal, but lived in downtown Jackson. A Florida ...


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