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OPINION: More Transparency from JPD Needed

It has been more than two weeks since two Jackson Police Department officers extra-judicially killed beloved daughter, mother and Jackson State University student Crystaline Barnes. The community waits in suspense ...

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EDITORIAL: Time to Implement Criminal Justice Reforms

Four years ago, the Legislature patted itself on the back for reforming Mississippi's criminal-justice system with sweeping legislation that was arguably one of the most impactful pieces of public policy ...

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OPINION: Not a Heritage to Celebrate

The "Anglo-American law enforcement heritage" is one of violence, racism and exploitation. This is a heritage to be scorned, a dark mark to be expunged. This is not, contrary to ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The Solution Isn’t Rocket Science; It’s Community

The more hands-off we are, the more we can find other people to blame for society's ills; the more we make selfishness a virtue, the less we actually act in ...

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OPINION: Mississippi Lawmakers, Take Down the State Flag

My grandmother, who lived her entire life in Mississippi, made sure I understood what the Confederate symbol stands for, and I know that many of you were told the same ...

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OPINION: Anti-Gang Act Would Be a Disaster for Mississippi

The Mississippi Anti-Gang Act flies in the face of recent legislative efforts to reduce our unsustainable prison population—which is currently the fourth highest per capita in the country.

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OPINION: Marriage: Not Just About the Vows

Marriage is a never-ending compromise. People like to think that as long as you love each other, it is a breeze. Lies! In fact, at the end of the day, ...

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EDITORIAL: Legislators, Kill the Flawed Voucher Bill

The notion of "school choice" is deeply embedded in the Capitol this session. Senate Education Chairman Gray Tollison, R-Oxford, wants to expand the state's voucher program drastically, allowing any child ...

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OPINION: Medical Marijuana: Solution to Opioid Crisis?

Given the current crisis associated with widespread opioid abuse, dependence and deaths, Mississippi's leaders must find an effective and safer alternative to prescribing narcotics.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Show Love for the Local

Each year, on the week of Feb. 14, we party like it's every couple's wedding or dating anniversary on the exact same day. Before February even rolled around, I started ...

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EDITORIAL: City Contracting Is a Mess, Must Be Repaired

It didn't take two women who can't get payment for hauling nasty sludge from a wastewater-treatment plant to convince the Jackson Free Press that the City's contracting system is a ...

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OPINION: The Battle for Clear Water and Control in Jackson

Recently, the Jackson City Council dropped its appeal to block the West Rankin Utility Authority from building its own wastewater facility in lieu of using Jackson's Savanna Street treatment plant. ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Fresh Eyes on the Capital City

When dancers in the USA International Ballet Competition refer to the competition in Jackson (which, by the way, is the only one of its kind in the U.S.), they simply ...

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OPINION: Jackson is the ‘Sole’ of Mississippi

Jackson is the only city in Mississippi referred to as the "capital," the only one with a star or some symbol that indicates its presence on a map, the largest ...

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OPINION: Reform for a Broken System

The Salas family is one of many in Mississippi and the U.S. caught in the madness of the immigration debate and politicians' failure to pass real and meaningful reform to ...

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OPINION: Time to Work Across Aisle on Ed Funding

After lawmakers went home in April 2017, there were no public meetings, hearings or presentations to offer clues as to whether the Republican supermajority planned to use all, part, some ...

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OPINION: Be an Urban Warrior in and for Jackson

Regardless of how you feel about politics at a national level, we all love seeing Jackson grow and improve. The one thing many people don't realize is that we can ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Celebrating Local Urban Warriors for 16 Years Now

In the first-ever full issue of the Jackson Free Press in October 2002, we had a Best of Jackson ballot, with plans to reveal the winners the following January—just as ...

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OPINION: A Student of Life

Truth is the truth whether you sugarcoat it or not. It doesn't change the facts if you write it down on a notepad with hearts and smiles, won't change the ...

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EDITORIAL: Tell the Truth Now, Politic Later

Ever since Gov. Phil Bryant gave his "State of the State" address, and "Mississippi Today" chose to factcheck it but not the Democratic respondent, the media circuit around the capitol ...