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OPINION: I Grew Up in the Segregated South. For Me, Supreme Court Rulings Are Personal.

"I fear a return to a time when our rights were considered secondary, if at all."

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OPINION: Do You Give a Damn?

This is a life that never allows you to truly rest, because there is so much injustice in the world that we need to address.

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OPINION: A Heroine of the Civil Rights Movement

Real change only comes to those who are open to new people and new ideas. A 6-year-old is a delightful open book, which is why segregated schools, churches and neighborhoods ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Finding Community in a Calendar

It is next to impossible to spread the word about every single interesting activity going on in Jackson in any given week, but we are sure trying to put a ...

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OPINION: Emmett Till's Legacy Vandalized, Brutalized Again: It's Time for a Change

Mississippi is not what it used to be. And yet here we are again, facing the news that the Emmett Till sign that marks the place of his death has ...

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OPINION: ICE Policies Hurt Our Communities Beyond the Border

The cavalier attitude with which ICE conducts operations should be a cause of concern for us all.

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OPINION: JPS: More Than A School Building

We all aspire to make a difference in our schools and communities by having more opportunities to participate in activities that support our growth and development.

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OPINION: Breastfeeding Key to Improving Child and Maternal Health in Mississippi

If we want to improve the health outcome of babies and increase the number of those that reach their first birthday and beyond, we must center our efforts on removing ...

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OPINION: Reconnecting to Food

Because food has such a presence in our lives, it helps shape our experience in different settings

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Of Love, Ego and Believing in All of Our Children

The Mississippi Youth Media Project, Donna Ladd's passion project with its own newsroom next door to the Jackson Free Press, invites young people of various backgrounds, and doesn't shy away ...

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OPINION: The Big Flood of the Pearl, Not If, but When

So the big question is, “Will the ‘One Lake’ project be the salvation for Jackson in the event of a massive flood like the Easter Flood of 1979?” Not likely.

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OPINION: A Pearl of Great Price: The Value of a Flowing Pearl River in Jackson

For fish and turtle species in flowing river habitats, if something happens to their environment—like a dam turning a flowing river into a stagnant lake—they will likely be lost over ...

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OPINION: Trump Administration Implicit or Explicit in the Trafficking and Slavery of Immigrant Children?

Ask yourself, “Why are these children being moved, and why are they being moved to specific locations so far away from the border and their parents?”

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OPINION: Mississippi Poor People’s Campaign, About More Than Poverty

Some Jacksonians may not have been familiar with the Poor People's Campaign before a group of protestors burned the state flag in front of the Governor's Mansion on Monday, June ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Pride, from Detroit to Jackson

Jackson needs people who are willing to do the hard work—to attend city council meetings to see what's happening, to push back when the city's government isn't sticking to their ...

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OPINION: The End of the Eastland Machine

Like his mentor, Eastland, whose long stretch of power included a statewide network of lieutenants, cronies, operatives and ward-heelers who could make or break an upcoming politician’s career, Brad Dye ...

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OPINION: Independence Week and the Delusion of Freedom

“The delusion of freedom is far more dangerous, Than any jail cell or cramped cages” —G.Be

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OPINION: Mississippi, Do You Remember?

"Unfortunately, in Mississippi, many people, like my extended family, forget that democratic policies have directly benefited them in the past and continue to today."

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Times They Are a Changin’ at the JFP

Let's jump right to it—we're announcing exciting changes with this issue. We've been planning for months how we will best serve the reader, how we serve local businesses and help ...

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OPINION: Fighting a System That Was Not Made for Them

The national and even statewide conversation around gun violence and youth circulates around white students in suburban settings. Only when well-to-do white children die at the hands of gun violence ...