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USM Students Receive Lessac Kinesensic Training, Welty Statue at Millsaps and Professor Attending Leadership Summit

Millsaps College dedicated a new statue of Mississippi native author Eudora Welty on Monday, Nov. 13.

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At Last Hour, Two School Board Members Approved for New JPS Panel

The Jackson Public Schools Board of Trustees is now just one member shy from full for the first time in months, but some council members are concerned that the nominations ...

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Changing the Culture of Suspension

Juan Cloy remembers being suspended when he was at Provine High School in the 1980s. He and several friends got in a fight with some kids from the neighborhood at ...

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Grant to Help 7,000 Mississippians Finish College Degrees

Mississippians looking to finish their college degrees may receive a $500 one-time tuition assistance grant after the W.K. Kellogg Foundation donated $3.5 million to the Complete 2 Compete initiative.

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JPS Commission Pushes Work Forward, Sets Deadline

The "Better Together" commission to analyze the needs of Jackson's public schools held its second meeting in the Lincoln Gardens community center, off Medgar Evers Drive in northwest Jackson, which ...

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Governor Calls for Free Community College, New Ed Formula, Reduced Medicaid

Gov. Phil Bryant released his budget recommendations this week, with an emphasis on education funding, particularly as it relates to workforce development.

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Mississippi Governor's Budget Has Free Community College

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant is recommending that the state spend $7 million in the coming year to provide free community college for an unspecified number of students.

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How Integration Failed in Jackson’s Public Schools from 1969 to 2017

Jackson's public schools, like the majority in the state, remained solidly separate and unequal in the 1950s and 1960s despite the ruling in the Brown v. Topeka Board of Education ...

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JPS Commission Gets to Work

More than 50 Jacksonians filled the Mississippi Museum of Art lobby on Nov. 8, eager to hear what the newly formed "Better Together" commission would do for Jackson Public Schools.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The Lies Scientific Racists Told About Jackson’s Children

I did not know a federal judge in the 1960s had codified lies about how black children in Jackson were genetically inferior.

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USM/MSU Boeing Research, UMMC Translational Research Center and Millsaps Windgate Visual Arts Center

Millsaps College hosted a ground-breaking ceremony for the Windgate Visual Arts Center on the west side of the campus today, Friday, Nov. 10, at 11 a.m.

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State Ed Chairwoman Clears Air: 'There is No Fight' over Jackson Schools

Jackson Public Schools was not a part of the Mississippi Board of Education's monthly meeting agenda Thursday morning, but board Chairwoman Rosemary Aultman took a point of personal privilege to ...

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Four New JPS Board Members to Lead Next Chapter for Beleaguered District

The Jackson City Council restored a quorum to the Jackson Public Schools Board of Trustees on Wednesday, unanimously confirming four new members who are charged with leading the district through ...

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Jackson School Takeover Back on Table Under Separate Law

A state takeover of the Jackson school district is back on the table, less than a month after Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant decided he wanted a more collaborative approach to ...

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Pushing for Pre-K in the Midst of Poverty

Public pre-K is a part of the state's push for early learning statewide in order to increase literacy for students in public schools.