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Address Racial Bias in Policing Now, Not Later

Discriminatory policing has always been a reality in Mississippi, where too many cops have long enforced deeply held racial stereotypes. The excuse from many people is that, well, more black ...

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It’s Time to Start Talking About Equity in Education

Legislative Republicans gave themselves pats on the back this session for funding the School Recognition Program, which rewards teachers primarily in "A" and "B" schools around the state with salary ...

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Vetoing Criminal Reforms Shortsighted, Dangerous

Whether it was due to a "mistake" or a poison pill inserted at the last hour, Gov. Phil Bryant vetoed House Bill 1033 last week after both houses passed the ...

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Where the City’s Sidewalk Begins: Real Solutions

What does Jackson need? The most often griped-about, joked-about and discussed surface-level fix in this city are potholes.

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State Testing Presents Bigger Equity Question

The Third Grade Reading Gate certainly serves a statewide purpose: to weed out and ideally save those kids who never learn how to read. But what if catching them isn't ...

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What We’re Looking for in a Mayor

With the mayoral primary just a few weeks away, we've been discussing our JFP endorsement possibilities; we haven't yet chosen a candidate, but we've been talking about the criteria.

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State Budget Cuts Mean Dramatic Job Loss

For the most part, Republicans are not apologizing for their "small government" priorities to legislating, even if it means health needs and equitable education suffer. Shrinking the size of government ...

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Cheers to Bi-partisanship in the Mississippi House

The blame for the budget meltdown belongs to both the House and the Senate, but if you believe that bipartisanship, maintaining the state's infrastructure and compromise are important in how ...

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Use the T-word: Trauma Matters, Must Be Treated

Without an understanding of trauma—what often lies beneath the surface of a child who was taken out of an abusive home or a teenager in juvenile detention—the wounds won't heal.

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Denying Sanctuary Spreads Fear

In the midst of a souring national climate toward immigration—thanks in large part to President Donald Trump's executive order, which authorizes more detention facilities to hold detained immigrants, among other ...

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An Editor and a Gentleman

An odd fluke of fate brought me to the patch of dirt where three civil rights workers were murdered in my home county, holding the hand of James Chaney's daughter ...

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Killing Online Sales Tax Bill Is Hypocrisy

The state's budget is shrinking, and whether a lawmaker blames slow economic development or large tax breaks given to corporations that never came to Mississippi, the budget squeeze is on ...

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Lawmakers: Stay Off the Trump Immigrant Road

With a president hell-bent on securing borders and going after undocumented immigrants in the name of drug wars and criminal activity, it is a scary time to not technically be ...

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Stop the Mental Health Politicking

Lawmakers should and could have addressed mental health-care reform in previous sessions as well as this session. It turns out that addressing the problem with secrecy and an assumption of ...

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Trump’s Travel Ban is Also a Mississippi Problem

If you think President Donald Trump's executive orders on immigration and refugee programs had no consequences for Mississippians, think again.

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The Problem with EdBuild

There has been much hoopla this legislative session over the 80-page proposal from EdBuild suggesting that Mississippi move to weighted student funding to pay for its public-education system.

City & County

Legislators, Get the City’s Infrastructure Bill Right

The City of Jackson gets another chance at an infrastructure revitalization bill this session, but the additions that led to the death of last year's Capitol Complex bill hang heavy ...

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These Are the Best of Times

No doubt, we're living through unsettling times. It would be easy to get depressed and angry at everything that lies before us to get done and repair—from a national political ...


It’s Math, Governor. Tax Cuts Hurt Revenue.

One of the key elements missing in discussions of Gov. Phil Bryant's recent budget cuts, the second wave of cuts in the State's current fiscal year, is the 40-plus tax ...


Leg, No Time to Wait for Trump on Transportation

Most lawmakers know infrastructure is a problem, but many dodge the question of how to fund solutions.