Stop Taxing Schools With Underfunding

Because JPS's budget comes from City of Jackson millage rates, local property taxpayers are ultimately on the hook if the district needs to increase its budget request due to insufficient ...


State’s Film Incentives Should Focus on Local Workforce

There is no doubt that the state's film incentives have revolutionized the movie industry in Mississippi.


City Needs to Be Proactive, Not Dramatic

If there's anything Jackson doesn't need to continue, it's needing to panic at the 11th hour before the city administration and others weren't more proactive in fixing and planning for ...


Stop Ignoring Health Needs of Women

It is time to stop pandering to voters who don't care about the people in our state. Let's change the narrative to one that makes a lick of sense.


City Must Make Public Info Available

The city must treat access to public records with the same seriousness as its compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act and the United States Environmental Protection Agency Consent Decree, ...


Stop Meting Out Harmful School Discipline

Education advocates, especially those focused on getting rid of disparities in public education for African American students, recognize the detrimental effects of suspension and expulsion.

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MDOC Transparency and Execution Secrecy Don’t Mix

Mississippi can't have it both ways. We cannot stamp out corruption at the state and local levels and, at the same time, hide behind a veil of secrecy when it ...


How to Lower Teen Pregnancy

Women in Mississippi live in a state with some of the most oppressive laws in regards to reproductive health in the nation.


Lawmakers: Stop Playing Politics with People’s Lives, Especially Children

We're grateful that, at least on the vaccination front, conspiracy theories and pseudo science haven't kept the state from requiring sensible vaccinations for children, while allowing some room for exemptions.


Don’t Prematurely Nix Prison Reform

It really doesn't come as a big surprise that an effort is now under way to scale back last year's package of sweeping criminal-justice reform bills.


Don’t Politicize Special-Needs Education

Recent legislative deliberations, which come in the context of a larger debate over Mississippi's education crisis, have a whiff of election-year pandering in the same way politicians try to churn ...


Dads Are Great, But Don’t Ignore Moms

Most problematic—and indeed dangerous—is the underlying implication that the mere presence of adult testosterone is some kind of magic wand that can solve all problems.


Keep Lifting Up the Dialogue in Jackson

In the last week or so, Jackson Free Press editors have been participating in encouraging conversations on social media and the Nextdoor neighborhood sites, and in the office, about preventing ...


Lawmakers: Don’t Waste Time on Gay-Marriage Ban

Though it's not clear what the Legislature can do to ensure that same-sex marriage will remain banned in the state, lawmakers will probably try to this session—if for no other ...


Resolve to Have Clean 2015 Elections

2014 raised awareness about the way elections have been run in this state since time immemorial and the need for that to change.


City: Don’t Let Uber Run Over Jackson

In a place where the mere presence of a national albeit uninspiring brand like Walmart can be a source of civic pride, it's easy to understand the excitement over the ...


Full Funding Would Give All Schools a ‘Choice’

It can be hard to determine the motives of those who push for "school choice." After all, it can be difficult to distill what proponents of school choice, a movement ...

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Consider Vote Carefully in Ward 1 Runoff

We are confident that Dorsey Carson is a smart businessman and is willing to make the tough, studied decisions that will help keep the City of Jackson out of trouble ...

Civil Rights

Ending Racial Bias: Hard and Necessary Work

White Americans are more punitive than people of color. Whites misjudge how much crime African Americans and Latinos actually commit. Whites who more strongly associate crime with racial minorities are ...

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Endorsement: Dorsey Carson for Ward 1

In large part, it is our business relationship with Dorsey Carson that has earned our trust, our respect and our endorsement. We know he has the best interests of the ...