City & County

City Must Increase Subcontracting Transparency

Under the City of Jackson's $91-million contract with Siemens for a water-system overhaul and sewer repairs, at least six firms hold subcontracts with Siemens.


Women Must Have Health, Reproductive Choices

Perhaps Roe v. Wade was ahead of its time, or late in coming. Regardless, abortion has been legal in the U.S. for decades and to reverse it would mean reversing ...


State Should End Costly, Embarrassing Legal Challenges

Last week, the state—via the Democratic-led Mississippi attorney general's office—again stood on the wrong side of a federal judge in an individual-rights case.

City & County

The Next 12 Months Are Critical for Jackson

One election is behind us, but several others are on the horizon.


Find an Issue Worth Your Vote

Being registered to vote is meaningless unless you wield your power as a citizen and actually head to a polling place.


Jails and Prisons Also Need Adequate Funding

Although the state of Mississippi's criminal-justice system always seems to be in the news, lately there's been a flurry of bad press for the state's jails and prison system.


Vote for Initiative 42 on Nov. 3

We encourage all Mississippians to vote "For 42" in the general election on Nov. 3.

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Backroom Anti-42 Politics Counterproductive for Employers

Improving education in Mississippi should be the priority of manufacturers and bankers and insurance agents and realtors and restaurateurs.

Tease photo Civil Rights

Remembering the Ladies, Black and White

"Wherever there is a racial issue, there's a gender issue," said Anita Hill, keynote speaker at the Mississippi Women's Economic Security Policy Summit, held Oct. 10.

City & County

The State Had Better Recognize Jackson’s Might

After months of brinksmanship, the City of Jackson and Mississippi State Fair Commission finally came to an agreement this week over security at the state fair, which begins today, Oct. ...


State’s GOP Lawmakers Must Stop Pitting Poor Kids Against Sick People

Mississippi Republican leadership will stop at very little to try to scare voters into allowing them to continue violating state law and underfunding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, even if ...


We Need to Learn From Charter Schools Before Expanding Them

It is too early to deem charter schools a success or failure in Mississippi. We are witnessing the beginning of a limited experiment in privatized "public" education starting this year ...


Another GOOD Idea: Improving Pregnancy Care

In a state with so many restrictions on sexual education and abortion, ostensibly to protect the health of women, the conventional wisdom should hold that Mississippi's pregnancy statistics should be ...

City & County

Real Transparency, Please, Not Smoke and Mirrors

One online dictionary defines transparency as "free from pretense or deceit," "easily detected or seen through" and "readily understood." However, too many government agencies at the local and state levels ...


Do the Right Thing in Disasters

There's an expression that says if the nation sneezes, Mississippi catches the flu.


Barbour’s True Place in Katrina History

The 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's devastation has understandably come with a deluge of retrospectives and remembrances—what went right and wrong, what lessons were learned, what work remains and how ...


Budget Spitting Matches Must End

The budget cannot be held hostage or become the casualty of a childish, pointless spitting match between politicians. These are serious times for the City of Jackson, and those games ...


JATRAN Overhaul Past Due

It's not that having a reliable public-transportation is just a nice thing to have, but as Dr. Scott Crawford rightly told the Jackson City Council this week, for many people, ...


Stop the Budget Cut Shell Game

If the mandatory education-funding referendum known as Initiative 42 passes, Republicans say schools would have to receive full funding immediately, throwing the budget into chaos, practically knocking the Earth off ...


Our Endorsement: Stanley Alexander for Hinds County District Attorney

In this primary election season, which concludes Aug. 4 with Democratic and Republic primaries that are likely to decide the outcomes of the November elections, like all elections, the issue ...