Full Funding Would Give All Schools a ‘Choice’

It can be hard to determine the motives of those who push for "school choice." After all, it can be difficult to distill what proponents of school choice, a movement ...

Tease photo City & County

Consider Vote Carefully in Ward 1 Runoff

We are confident that Dorsey Carson is a smart businessman and is willing to make the tough, studied decisions that will help keep the City of Jackson out of trouble ...

Civil Rights

Ending Racial Bias: Hard and Necessary Work

White Americans are more punitive than people of color. Whites misjudge how much crime African Americans and Latinos actually commit. Whites who more strongly associate crime with racial minorities are ...

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Endorsement: Dorsey Carson for Ward 1

In large part, it is our business relationship with Dorsey Carson that has earned our trust, our respect and our endorsement. We know he has the best interests of the ...


Fighting Corruption Requires More, Not Less Oversight

A movement has been afoot for sometime to roll back government regulations and oversight at every level, the argument being that any amount of government mucks up the words for ...


Ban-the-Box a Good Step

For decades, employers from fast-food joints to mall boutiques and financial-services firms to news organizations have been asking prospective employees about their criminal histories.

Best of Jackson

Best of Jackson 2015: All About Local

With the holidays and cooler weather upon us, another season begins—Best of Jackson.


Men: Don’t Wait on Women to Act

Mississippi is only as strong as our women. And right now, by most economic and social indicators, Mississippi is not very strong.


Our U.S. Senate Endorsement: No to Childers, Cochran

We encourage all Mississippians to take advantage of their constitutional right to cast their ballots on Nov. 4. We just can't in good conscience support either man at the top ...


Listen to the Music and Watch Jackson Grow

As you will read throughout this issue, there's great music in the capital city area, and the scene seems to get better with each annual Jackson Free Press Music Issue.


The Jail Needs a Sense of Urgency

Crime is a hard thing to solve. It is the tragic confluence of poverty and generations of miseducation, not to mention institutional racism, patriarchy, childhood abuse and other structural biases. ...


Leaders Must Remember City’s Poorest

Based on everything that has been discussed, the people of Jackson may well be staring at yet another increase in the amount they pay for water.


It’s Time to Truly Invest in Transparency

The City of Jackson recently completed a pretty grueling budget planning process, while the state will soon start a round of budget hearings in anticipation of the upcoming legislative session, ...


Yarber Needs New Attitude with Council

In the last two mayoral administrations, Jackson City Council members have griped about not receiving adequate or timely information from the administration. We have found merit in those complaints.


MPB: Don’t Treat Us Like Children

Once again, Mississippi Public Broadcasting—which receives public dollars—has initiated a form of censorship to keep certain controversial content away from a Mississippi audience.


Dialogue Around Costco Needs to Improve

The announcement that Costco wants to build in Jackson on Lakeland Drive has created a rift between those who are thrilled that Costco wants to bring 235 decent-paying jobs into ...


Media: No One’s An ‘Angel’

The New York Times' description of Michael Brown is part of a much wider and more troubling trend of the way media cover the deaths of young black men, compared ...


Next JPD Chief Can Learn From Ferguson

The seeds of a Ferguson-type situation are firmly in place in Jackson. The search for a new police chief, however, presents an excellent opportunity for conversations about how to best ...


City’s Media Relations Must Be About Policy

Sending all questions about city government through a PR-processing machine isn't considered ethical in our business, nor is it a journalistic practice that serves the interest of citizens.


Fight For Women, Not Against Them

If our politicians are truly concerned about protecting women and children, they should abandon their relentless assault on abortion rights and tackle the real issues facing girls and women in ...