Lead Contamination Debacle Gives Little Faith in State-Managed Airport

Like many people who live in Jackson, we were taken aback when we heard that state Sen. Josh Harkins planned to submit legislation to change the composition of what is ...


Give Jackson Your Best to Solve Its Problems

It's our view that Jackson's troubles bring out the best in its people. We've seen it firsthand in the 13.5 of this paper.


Invest in Meaningful Workforce Training

Mississippi House Seaker Phillip Gunn, an attorney at one of the Jackson's largest law firms, quipped this week that he recently had to call a plumber to his Clinton home. ...


MAEP Reform: Avoid Fuzzy-Math Logic

Changes to the Mississippi Adequate Education Program are likely to be on the legislative agenda and horizon, but lawmakers must proceed with caution when tampering with certain components of the ...


Need ‘Good Faith’ Before Regionalization

We are not against smart "regionalization." If done correctly, it would mean more transparency, collaboration and growth for the entire region—whether between businesses or governments in Hinds, Rankin and Madison ...


Show Leadership, Not ‘Randomness’

Every session, it seems, something President Barack Obama has said or didn't say whips Republicans under our dome into a froth.

City & County

Why Our Bond Rating Is Important

While crime, potholes and boiled-water notices get all the headlines and make for easy punchlines, one of the biggest problems facing the capital city is rarely discussed outside of City ...

Civil Rights

Refugees, School Kids Deserve Human Rights

There's a fine line between Gov. Phil Bryant's tacit assent of Donald Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric and Mississippi's complete abdication of its responsibility to educate its children.

City & County

Let’s Get Some Things Done

For Mayor Tony Yarber and the city council, we suggest having a pen and notebook handy to jot some things on their to-do lists and get important deadlines up on ...


End Dangerous Rhetoric That Threatens Lives

The Nov. 27 shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood is a case study in the anatomy of political rhetoric and the real-life danger of spreading inciteful rhetoric.

City & County

City Must Increase Subcontracting Transparency

Under the City of Jackson's $91-million contract with Siemens for a water-system overhaul and sewer repairs, at least six firms hold subcontracts with Siemens.


Women Must Have Health, Reproductive Choices

Perhaps Roe v. Wade was ahead of its time, or late in coming. Regardless, abortion has been legal in the U.S. for decades and to reverse it would mean reversing ...


State Should End Costly, Embarrassing Legal Challenges

Last week, the state—via the Democratic-led Mississippi attorney general's office—again stood on the wrong side of a federal judge in an individual-rights case.

City & County

The Next 12 Months Are Critical for Jackson

One election is behind us, but several others are on the horizon.


Find an Issue Worth Your Vote

Being registered to vote is meaningless unless you wield your power as a citizen and actually head to a polling place.


Jails and Prisons Also Need Adequate Funding

Although the state of Mississippi's criminal-justice system always seems to be in the news, lately there's been a flurry of bad press for the state's jails and prison system.


Vote for Initiative 42 on Nov. 3

We encourage all Mississippians to vote "For 42" in the general election on Nov. 3.

Tease photo Business

Backroom Anti-42 Politics Counterproductive for Employers

Improving education in Mississippi should be the priority of manufacturers and bankers and insurance agents and realtors and restaurateurs.

Tease photo Civil Rights

Remembering the Ladies, Black and White

"Wherever there is a racial issue, there's a gender issue," said Anita Hill, keynote speaker at the Mississippi Women's Economic Security Policy Summit, held Oct. 10.

City & County

The State Had Better Recognize Jackson’s Might

After months of brinksmanship, the City of Jackson and Mississippi State Fair Commission finally came to an agreement this week over security at the state fair, which begins today, Oct. ...