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Wasting Resources on Lies

The state's leaders prioritize their conservative politicking above all else despite costs to the taxpayer that a federal lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood after Senate Bill 2238 took effect July ...

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What the End of Bonding Really Means

With the end of bonding for misdemeanor offenses in the Jackson Municipal Court, the cost of freedom for indigent offenders prior to their trial seems to be the death of ...


To Prevent Violent Crime, Engage with Experts Like Harlem’s Kai Smith for Ideas

In Jackson, and Mississippi in general, it is a sport to complain about crime, not to mention to sensationalize it. The TV stations love to milk crime, especially in the ...


For the Love of Women, Kids, Everyone Else

The Legislature is already in a financial bind—calling a special session with two days left in the fiscal year clearly means things are bad. So quit making them worse by ...

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It’s Time to Fight for Disability Rights

At its core, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act is about discrimination. The federal act was passed in 1990, and Title II "prohibits discrimination on the basis of ...


Politicizing Tragedy

The nation woke up Sunday to a horrific shock—the worst mass shooting in recent U.S. history—that at least for now appears to be part terror, part hate crime.

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City Council and Mayor: Get on Same Page

We can see it from both sides—Mayor Tony Yarber, after running on a platform of transparency, has dipped deep in to the rainy day fund and then brought it up ...


Trafficking: An Ugly Reality in Mississippi

Human trafficking, a form of slavery, doesn't just happen overseas in prostitution rings or on television. It's a nasty, ugly reality—and it happens right here in Mississippi.


Lawmakers: Stop Using Transgender Citizens as Political Pawns

In a state where lawmakers couldn't make domestic violence grounds for divorce, the same group of legislators claim that the protection of girls and women informs their decision to demand ...


Lawmakers: Stop the Shortsighted, Dangerous Budget Cuts

Several state agencies are looking at budget cuts for the coming fiscal year, and a reduction in services to Mississippians—from mental-health care to rehabilitation treatment—will inevitably put pressure on local ...


Using Evidence to Bridge Partisan Gaps

Of all the things the Legislature did this year, a budgeting strategy that could potentially save the state wasted dollars in the long-term and ensure taxpayer dollars fund successful programs ...

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Needed: Public Engagement in Policing

It takes more than policing to "cut down on crime" and create safer neighborhoods. It takes a village, quite literally. Community engagement is crucial to keeping neighborhoods and cities safe.

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Hosemann Wrong on Voter ID, Right on Election Reform

The state's election laws and rules are outdated, and if you don't believe us, just go back and read about the two contested election races that shadowed the beginning of ...


Lawmakers: Cashing in on Campaign Promises is Costly and Senseless

Cutting state agencies, some by more than 10 percent, is bad. Cutting state agencies and then offering up a tax-break bill that will divert even more money from the state's ...

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Lawmakers, Mississippians Are Sick and Tired of Expensive, Harmful Political Charades

In interviews about House Bill 1523, several lawyers and legal scholars have explained that is close to irrefutable that the law is unconstitutional on several counts.

City & County

Mayor Yarber, Please Lead on Transparency

We are pleased to report that we are seeing some, at least marginal, improvements in the way the City of Jackson is handling access to information.

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EDITORIAL: The Hoods Are Gravely Wrong About Execution Secrecy, Firing Squads

Both Jim Hood and Joey Hood are wrong on the execution bill that is moving forward in the Mississippi Legislature.


Collaborating for a Safer Mississippi

In our polarized state and nation, it is mighty refreshing to hear a conservative of faith stand up against truly odious criminal-justice policies that trap men of color, particularly, into ...

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SUNSHINE WEEK: Public Needs Year-Round Access to Documents, Meetings, Donation Information

The JFP has long focused on the serious problem of campaign donation transparency in the state, especially that shielded by political action committees, and more recently the problem with city ...


Fed Up with Underfunding Education

This week it appears that "level" funding for MAEP is here again for 2016, meaning an overall underfunding of the now essentially toothless formula somewhere on the order of $172 ...