50th, Yet Again

The annual Casey Foundation Kids Count Data Book came out this week, and for Mississippi, the same drum that politicians, advocates and locals have been beating for years will continue ...


GOP, Stop the Games Over Education Funding

Funding adequate education in the state of Mississippi has morphed into a political battle with consequences beyond school walls.


Learn from History: Change the State Flag

Now, our elected leaders should get on the right side of history, listen to the will of the people and embrace progress. Change the flag.

Civil Rights

Cities, Legislature Should Follow Jackson’s Lead on Hate Crimes

When the Legislature reconvenes in January, lawmakers should strengthen the state's hate-crime law by extending protections to LGBT people and developing uniform reporting standards for all law enforcement agencies.


Changing Flag Is Just a Step Toward Progress

While we applaud House Speaker Phillip Gunn's statement this week that the Confederate emblem should be removed from Mississippi's state flag, we would sound a note of (optimistic) caution.


Time to Rethink Local Policing Strategies

The B.R.A.V.E. program, adopted from Baton Rouge, started in a section of west Jackson from West Capitol Street to Interstate 20.


2016 Is the Year To Make Early Voting a Reality

As we enter the 2015 election cycle, it's worth noting that Mississippi is down to one of only 14 states that has no provision for early voting and requires an ...


City Should be More Proactive on Siemens Oversight

Nearly four months ago, Jackson's Director of Public Works Kishia Powell brought the Siemens water-meter project to a screeching halt when one of her deputies discovered a major mistake that ...


Better Education, Less Crime

A popularly cited statistic involves private corrections companies pouring over third-grade reading scores in a given jurisdiction to project how many prison beds will be needed in a decade, when ...


Have a Little Fun, Why Don’t You?

It's easy to fall into the trap of viewing Jackson, the metro area and Mississippi as a place where nothing will ever change, where there's nothing to do. But just ...


Time to Rethink Third-Grade Tests

As predicted, a sizable chunk of Mississippi's third-grade students failed the so-called third-grade reading gate test and may have to repeat the whole school year.


Tax Commish Owes City Deference, Mayor Owes it to Council

After the Legislature passed a bill in 2009 empowering Jackson to hold a referendum on whether to impose a 1-percent sales tax on certain goods, then-Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. was ...


School Funding Trickery Hurts Future Generations

Believe it or not, the Mississippi Legislature's refusal to adequately fund public schools and its attempt to derail a proposed constitutional amendment to require such funding isn't about differing philosophies ...

City & County

Jackson, Suburbs Must Bridge Mistrust, Reach Smart Compromise

Not even officials with the West Rankin Utility Authority, which is made up of cities along the eastern side of Pearl River, disagree that building a new wastewater treatment plant ...


Stop Taxing Schools With Underfunding

Because JPS's budget comes from City of Jackson millage rates, local property taxpayers are ultimately on the hook if the district needs to increase its budget request due to insufficient ...


State’s Film Incentives Should Focus on Local Workforce

There is no doubt that the state's film incentives have revolutionized the movie industry in Mississippi.


City Needs to Be Proactive, Not Dramatic

If there's anything Jackson doesn't need to continue, it's needing to panic at the 11th hour before the city administration and others weren't more proactive in fixing and planning for ...


Stop Ignoring Health Needs of Women

It is time to stop pandering to voters who don't care about the people in our state. Let's change the narrative to one that makes a lick of sense.


City Must Make Public Info Available

The city must treat access to public records with the same seriousness as its compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act and the United States Environmental Protection Agency Consent Decree, ...


Stop Meting Out Harmful School Discipline

Education advocates, especially those focused on getting rid of disparities in public education for African American students, recognize the detrimental effects of suspension and expulsion.