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Civil Rights

Mississippi: Stop Disenfranchising Black Voters

Mississippi has the second highest rate of voter disenfranchisement in the country, largely due to post-sentence restrictions. The state is one of 12 where a person can serve his or ...


State Leaders: It’s Time to Dump Trump

If our state's political leaders were looking for an easy opt-out of supporting Donald Trump for president, they missed that precious 48-hour window of opportunity to speak out and say ...

Tease photo Crime

Mental Care Needed for All, Including Inmates

Of the more than 19,000 men and women behind bars in Mississippi, about 3,000 inmates are receiving mental-health care.


Save the Arts, Save the Arts Council

By cutting funding to the Greater Jackson Arts Council, the City of Jackson administration ends a 35-year-long legacy of providing access to funding and support for those with the least ...


Help Kids with Action and Planning, Not Ego

It's a tough time for children in Jackson, and in Mississippi overall. Truthfully, at least when it comes to poor children, the state has never been especially kind or helpful ...

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Don’t Let Up on the State Flag: It Must Change

Mississippians have attempted to change the state flag in several venues: ballot initiatives, lawsuits and petitioning lawmakers to pass legislation. So far, nothing has worked.

City & County

City Must Pick Up the Pieces, Move On

The City of Jackson needs to do whatever it takes to keep from being ruled and stagnated by rumors and lawsuits. And let's be honest, after the lawsuits filed against ...


Mississippi, Time for More Women in Office

It's 2016, a year that some would argue is historic in nature, as women around the country watch another woman heading a major political party's campaign for the White House. ...


VA, Please Listen to Veterans

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has taken a step, albeit a small one, in the right direction. They've admitted they have a problem, specifically with wait times for military ...


Face, Vote the Truth About Juvy Detention

With so much knowledge at our disposal, we are running out of excuses not to fix juvenile justice in Hinds County.

City & County

We Need Leadership, Organization, Openness

The only mayor any of us should elect is one with a laser focus on getting our city organized to solve our problems together. We need real leadership now.


Mr. Trump, We Are All Immigrants

This is a nation built on immigration. Unless you are Native American, you are not indigenous to this country.


Mindsets Must Change to Stop Juvenile Crime

Assumptions that a citizen execution is appropriate for a property crime and that certain young people can't be helped and should be locked up are at the crux of our ...


Wasting Resources on Lies

The state's leaders prioritize their conservative politicking above all else despite costs to the taxpayer that a federal lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood after Senate Bill 2238 took effect July ...

City & County

What the End of Bonding Really Means

With the end of bonding for misdemeanor offenses in the Jackson Municipal Court, the cost of freedom for indigent offenders prior to their trial seems to be the death of ...


To Prevent Violent Crime, Engage with Experts Like Harlem’s Kai Smith for Ideas

In Jackson, and Mississippi in general, it is a sport to complain about crime, not to mention to sensationalize it. The TV stations love to milk crime, especially in the ...


For the Love of Women, Kids, Everyone Else

The Legislature is already in a financial bind—calling a special session with two days left in the fiscal year clearly means things are bad. So quit making them worse by ...

City & County

It’s Time to Fight for Disability Rights

At its core, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act is about discrimination. The federal act was passed in 1990, and Title II "prohibits discrimination on the basis of ...


Politicizing Tragedy

The nation woke up Sunday to a horrific shock—the worst mass shooting in recent U.S. history—that at least for now appears to be part terror, part hate crime.

City & County

City Council and Mayor: Get on Same Page

We can see it from both sides—Mayor Tony Yarber, after running on a platform of transparency, has dipped deep in to the rainy day fund and then brought it up ...