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Eat Healthier, Shop Local

Businesses such as Sweet & Sauer, which specializes in fermented foods, give Jacksonians healthier food choices.

Businesses such as Sweet & Sauer, which specializes in fermented foods, give Jacksonians healthier food choices. Photo by Imani Khayyam.

Fermented Foods

Some of the products we enjoy come from bacteria and microorganisms, including yogurt, beer and sauerkraut. Fermented foods, which include ones such as sauerkraut, are ones that have gone through the process of lactofermentation, where natural bacteria feed on the sugar and starch in food, which creates lactic acid. Fermented foods contain probiotics, which introduce good bacteria to the digestive system and can help keep it balanced.

Local business owner Lauren Rhoades recently opened Sweet & Sauer, with a fermentation kitchen at The Hatch in midtown (126 Keener Ave.). She creates products such as kombucha (fermented tea), sauerkraut and kimchi (types of fermented cabbage), fermented mustard. For more information, find the business on Facebook.


Believe it or not, pancakes can be healthy, including the mixes from local business Ms Patticakes. For many of her products, owner Patti Igoe-Bett uses unbleached white and wheat flours and oatmeal-based ones, and has other mixes such as gluten- and grain-free ones. She also uses Stevia in place of sugar.

Smoothies, Juices, Salads and More

Mama Nature's owners Tkeyah Williams and Nora Weston want to create a health movement in Jackson. The business has a variety of juices, smoothies and fruit-infused waters. Mama Nature's also has meal preparation and planning, and the business heavily pushes vegetarian meals. People can choose from one or two meals a day over the course of five days. For more information, visit


This summer, add some citrus to your diet with B Chill Lemonade. At the age of 8, Kinyah Braddock is a local entrepreneur who owns B Chill Lemonade, along with her parents, Demetrius Braddock Sr. and Valerie Braddock. 
 The business has homemade lemonade flavors such as strawberry and coconut, and regular lemonade, and B Chill also has diet lemonades. For more information, find B Chill Lemonade on Facebook.

Coffee says coffee has health benefits such as its ability to increase energy levels, increase a person's metabolic rate, and coffee has nutrients such as manganese and potassium. Jackson has a few coffee businesses in town, including Beanfruit Coffee, Northshore Specialty Coffees, and you can get coffee beans at Cups Espresso Cafe. If you want to be a little adventurous, try the nitro coffee from Cascade on Tap, and if you don't like the acidity of black coffee, try cold drip from businesses such as Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee and Tea Co.

Produce and More

Of course, if you're looking to buy foods such as locally sourced vegetables and meats, try the Mississippi Farmers Market, Livingston Farmers Market, local farms such as Two Dog Farms and Cooper Farms & Vineyard, or sign up for community-supported agriculture such as Up in Farm's farm pack or the CSA at Foot Print Farms.

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