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How to Survive College

Starting college can be hectic, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right tools, advice and knowledge. Photo courtesy JSU

Starting college can be hectic, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right tools, advice and knowledge. Photo courtesy JSU

College can be both difficult and easy, depending on what you do. For this year's Jackpedia issue, we've gathered some tips to survive college.

Cam Bonelli: Don't buy your books until you've gone to the first day of class. Wait until you have the syllabus in front of you or the teacher to tell you if you do or don't need the book.

Parking on campus is always difficult. Don't schedule a job shift within 15 minutes of a class ending because you don't know how parking or traffic may be that day. And learn to leave early for class.

Get with a few classmates to create a group Google document to take notes. That way if you don't understand something in the lecture, another student may be able to answer your question quickly.

Don't be afraid to email or get to know your teachers. They may end up being a college mentor who can help you grow during your time at school.

Start interning early. The sooner you start, the more experience you will gain in your field.

Make connections on campus with other students, teachers and the dean. These recommendations will carry a lot of weight if you put the work into school as well as school clubs or activities.

Even if you think you cannot do something, do it anyway. Try out for the club or newspaper even if you think you can't. Push through your comfort zone.

Micah Smith: Make friends outside of your sorority or fraternity, as well. Staying too into one clique can hinder some great friendships.

Devna Bose: Prepare early. I made my first year especially difficult for myself because I am a huge procrastinator. I waited until the last minute to do everything, which affected my grades as well as my 
own stress level. Learn time management now.

Amber Helsel: Find the best way to take notes. Every person is different, and every one of us learns in a different way. For me, I absorb information better if I physically write it down, but someone else may do just fine with taking notes on a laptop or tablet, or even just recording the lecture and listening to it later.

Get enough rest. This is good for your mental health, and it also saves you from public embarrassment if you happen to fall asleep in class (trust me 
on this one).

Map out the campus. Even if you're on a small college campus, this can be helpful. This way, you'll know where you need to go when and will know how long things will take.

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