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Question o' the Week: What Was Your Favorite Arts or Music Event Ever in Jackson, Miss.?

Kenneth Livingston Elton John.

Mark Francis Jubilee!JAM 2004 and MMOA—Clyde Connell 2001.

Suzi Miles-Lilly Anything that (Donna Ladd is) involved in.

Rebecca Wilkinson Jubilee!JAM in the early '90s!

Chris Myers Jacktoberfest. And Jubilee!JAM before 2005.

Tom Head I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Festival Latino 2005, but OUToberfest 2008 and Chick Ball (any year) are right up there.

Keiona Miller Prince at The Dock!

Vincent Wright Wow Keiona, hate I missed that! One I didn't miss ... Bobby Womack at Lynch St. Festival four or five years ago.

Nicole Wyatt Flaming Lips.

Danny White St. Paddy's parade! And a Taste of Mississippi.

JP Lawless Bob Dylan at Thalia Mara many years ago. He did a full band, electric guitar, show, and it rocked.

Abigail Dennis Salters It WAS Jubilee!JAM, then the Miller Lite Crawfish Boil came to almost make up for the loss of Jubilee!JAM but now. ...We have next to nothing.

Missi Kenner Swain The Crawfish Boil Concerts put on by Rock 93.9. I miss it and wish they would bring them back. And the St. Paddy's Parade.

Jackie Simpson Elton John put on a great show in Jackson. 
Loved it.

Abigail Dennis Salters The St. Patrick's Parade is always fun. Still want Jubilee!JAM back though.

Lori Boyer Rickman The Storytellers Ball 2012.

Chris Morrison Zoo Blues.

Tim Murphy One off? Jackson Browne at Thalia Mara last year. Annual? Jacktoberfest is so much fun, and they always get the best bands.

Sara Saucier Revell Elton John & Jubilee!JAM! It was super cool when Panic came to One Jxn Place too.

Bill Gray 2012 WellsFest.

Rico Burke '91 Budweiser Superfest.

Shilo Norris Holley Jubilee!

Pam Greer I feel my Stop the Violence Concerts are the best in the city. We allow all local acts to showcase their love and passion for the unity and peace in the City of Jackson.

Anthony Bennett Bell Beer festival and St. Paddy's day.

Amanda Kittrell The Miller Lite Crawfish Boil, hands down. Saw a spectacular show from all types of artists.

Caitlin McNally Cox 4 The Record!

Kim Blackledge Proctor The International Ballet Competition (IBC).

Jessica Erin Eubanks Any event in Midtown! Oh, and of course, the St. Patrick's Parade. ... And guess who is coming to the Hal & Mal's Street Dance this year?! Alabama Shakes! Oh, yes!

Kathleen Conner Strickland Jubilee!JAM.


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