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Affordable and Convenient


Ken Stiggers

Miss Doodle Mae: "Jojo has noticed a disturbing trend: Popular bookstores and coffee shops owned by big businesses have closed stores in urban areas where ethnic minorities live. Last month, a popular bookstore and coffee shop near the ghetto-science community closed its doors and moved 30 miles away to the suburbs. Now, members of the Senior Citizen Ladies in Church Hats, all residents of the ghetto-science community, do not have a place to conduct their weekly Book Club, Coffee and Bible Study. Bookstore tutors, who help students master math, science, English literature and history, lost convenient instructional space. And the Unemployed Dee Jays are forced to end their job-search strategy and economic-survival sessions.

"Nevertheless, Jojo—our fearless leader, progressive entrepreneur and job creator—recognized a great opportunity to expand his business while helping the community. He purchased the empty building next door to his store, and transformed it into a discount bookstore and coffee shop for the financially and transportation challenged.

"Jojo's Discount Bookstore and Coffee Shop will create more jobs for unemployed citizens of the ghetto-science community. But they'll get no more $5 mocha-choco grande lattes or delicious frappe supreme treats. Books will be affordable. Hot coffee, cold drinks and fresh doughnuts are a dollar, and the Wi-Fi is free.

"Jojo's Discount Dollar Store invites the ghetto-science community to enjoy Jojo's Discount Bookstore and Coffee Shop, the new, affordable and convenient place to hang out or be productive."

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