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Question o' the Week: What is the Single Most Important Issue at Stake in the November Election?

Question o' the Week: What is the single most important issue at stake in the November election? (Be serious, please. No conspiracy theories, birther crap or anything thrown around by Dinesh D'Souza.)

Melissa Kelly: Using economic policies which have been shown to work for recovery, even if not as quickly as we would wish; or going back to Voodoo trickle-down mythology and ramrodding our economy into oblivion.

Bilal Hashim: The economy.

Jill Butler: Not allowing the 1% to continue to milk the country dry.

Stephanie Burks: Women's reproductive rights.

Shane Crowe: National debt.

Georgia Casey Purvis: The economy is my biggest concern. This year, I have lost income at a time when cost of living is skyrocketing. I am truly afraid and disheartened. I have cut out nearly everything, and I'm still having a rough time. Anything affecting health-care funding will also affect me in a very direct way. So, I'm scared, not just for me, but for others in the same boat.

Elaanie Stormbender: National security ... without it, everything else is just chatter.

Toi Thomas: The economy.

Lesly Michals: Women's rights.

Davy Frazee: Having an election where third parties are fairly treated and not just pushed to the side by democrats and republicans. Vote Jill Stein.

Linda Albin McMurtrey: A fair and balanced economic policy. ...

Laurie Ross: Marriage rights for LGBT and reproductive rights for women.

Lindsey Lee: Education!!

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