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[Stiggers] In Return for a Dollar


Ken Stiggers

Brother Hustle: "Welcome, fellow hustlers, to the first Compensatory Investment Request Support Group Meeting of 2012. I look forward to a great year for our group. Since the coming of the Great Recession, the rise of the Occupy Movement and Mitt Romney's comment regarding not being worried about the poor, more people have joined the Compensatory Investment Request Support Group. Last year, when homes were foreclosed on and food supplies ran out, many of the new poor (aka middle class) attended our meetings. Then came droves of laid-off workers who joined our group to express their frustrations. And today the unemployed, underemployed and part-time deejays have joined our support group.

"The purpose of the Compensatory Investment Request Support Group is to provide a forum for new and established street entrepreneurs. Sometimes the group participants discuss various problems and issues when conducting a compensatory investment request. We also hold continuing education seminars, like the very popular 'Dollar for a Product Sales Pitch Seminar' and 'How to Raise Money While Shopping for Groceries.' Aunt Tee Tee Hustle also provides computer-literacy training classes.

"We are proud and honored to receive product donations from members of the Ghetto Science Team Business Community Association. Now, aspiring street entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to apply one of the core principles of the Compensatory Investment Request System: Provide the potential investor a product in return for a dollar. Also, remember to add your monetary love offering to the Compensatory Investment Request Fund."

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