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Wellness Project: Week 3

Last week, I said that I wanted a fancy, colorful book to write my prayers in, but then I realized that I could decorate my own book. I have paint and a 100-piece marker set, so why can't I? I already have a journal that I have hardly used, and the fabric cover should be able to receive paint or ink well. I'll draw some curlicues, some flowers and maybe throw in some abstract elements. Since I know what I want, it should be easier for me to customize a book than to go out and buy one. I would save a few bucks, too.

One thing I have discovered about myself is that how I keep my surroundings is a reflection of my current psychological state. If I am doing pretty well and don't feel overwhelmed, I am a lot neater. However, when I am stressed and I start burning the candle at both ends, I am a slob. I looked at my home office (a fancy term for the table by my bed) and wondered what in the world happened to it. It's an absolute wreck. I think I'll add "get organized" to the list of my wellness goals.

Even though I haven't done everything I said I would do every single day since this wellness project started, I actually feel better than I did before. I think it's because I have set goals for myself that I know that will benefit me in the end. Hopefully as this journey continues, I will be able to stick to my goals daily and not just when I happen to remember what I said said I would do.

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