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Mississippi Receives Additional Broadband Funds


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United States Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced yesterday the allocation of federal funds to expand broadband access for rural communities.

Mississippi will receive $1.8 million. with an additional $625,000 in matching funds from private investors. Last month, the state received $20.7 million in stimulus funds to expand broadband.

"The broadband projects ... will give rural Americans access to the tools they need to attract new businesses, jobs, health care and educational opportunities," Vilsack said in a statement yesterday. "The Obama Administration understands that bringing broadband to rural America provides a gateway for businesses and key anchor institutions - such as libraries, schools, public safety and community centers - to provide services to thousands of Americans. These projects will create jobs building these networks, and the completed systems will provide a platform for rural economic growth for years to come."

In all, $1.2 billion will be invested in the 126 broadband infrastructure projects through funding made available through the American Investment and Recovery Act.  An additional $117 million in private investment will be used for the projects, bringing the total funds invested to $1.31 billion.


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