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[Stiggers] Riches To Rags


Ken Stiggers

Miss Doodle Mae: "In these turbulent, traumatic and tense economic times, the staff of Jojo's Discount Dollar Store has seen many sad and empty faces of broken people holding in their tears of shame and frustration. For the middle class, the glue of self-sufficiency and economic stability is now a weak bond. Yesterday's rich lifestyle is today's raggedy living, like the CEO who lost all his money after starting a hedge fund in a sinking economy.

"Always a sympathetic and industrious person, Jojo decided to organize a product-development team, utilizing the creative, scientific and business minds of some folk from the Ghetto Science community. The team's objective is to provide products that will help the ‘riches-to-rags' consumer cope with an unforeseen lifestyle transition.

"The product development team came up with these ideas: (1) Shoulder to Weep and Wail On, super-absorbent crying towel set; (2) ‘How Not to Lose Your Sanity Because of the Economy,' a three-part psychological coping CD listening series by Judy and Nurse Tootie McBride; (3) ‘Chef Fat Meat's Poor People's Diet Booklet'; (4) ‘Fix That Raggedy Mercedes and Other Broken Down Luxury Cars,' a do-it-yourself DVD guide produced by "Big" Deacon Jones, senior mechanic at Rev. Cletus' Car Sales; and (5) the Obama family action figure doll set. (Obama staff, Congress members and anti-Obama figures sold separately.)

"Look for Jojo's new products in aisle five next to Brotha Hustle's Indoor Mobile Bill Payment Center."

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