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[Stiggers] What Would Kanye Do?

Ghetto Science Public Television and Kunta "Rahsheed X" Toby Film Works present "Moments in Angry, Black History."

Kunta "Rahsheed X" Toby: "I believe that most historians tend to write about the African Americans' passivity and tolerance. This single approach of educating all people regarding the contributions and experiences of black people implicates and propogates racial inferiority. The overt and covert practices of slavery, racial prejudice, discrimination, miseducation and misrepresentation have disabled most African Americans. Therefore, I am determined to inform the people about those ticked-off African Americans who made history.

"Sept. 2, 2005, five days after Hurricane Katrina devastates the Gulf coasts of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, the NBC network broadcasts a benefit concert for hurricane relief. The nation anticipates words from an anxious three-time Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist. Everyone wonders: W.W.K.D. (What Would Kanye Do?) Kanye deviates from the script and says what's on his angry mind. The words spew from his mouth into the ears of the awaiting public. His commentary covers issues such as the government's slow response to the folk stranded without food and water in New Orleans and the media's portrayal of African Americans. A stunned Austin Powers—Yeah, baby!—stays on script. But Kanye has the last word, the camera quickly cuts away, and Jackie Chan's sidekick—and you know this mannnn—looks quite confused. And the rest is angry, black history."

Next episode: Before John Muhammad, an angry black man seized New Orleans.

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This is intense! It goes along well with a recent photo of Kanye West dressed as Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stone, which I'm sure you have seen already. http://www.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/Music/01/24/people.kanyewest.ap/


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