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A little innuendo with your evening cocktail

Is it legal to go to bed at 6pm? Because the thought had crossed my mind.

But, before I fall into a world heady with regret and Cherry Coke, I'd like to leave you with this little bit of wisdom

I found this article in the Gay City News

Read it and you tell me if they are saying what I think they are saying... Because if they are...HOLY SHITE that's the greatest thing since...well, since the invention of drive-thru beer barns.

Sixty years old and still unmarried, she was called Harry, after her father, rather than Harriet by some personal friends. Internet postings have it that a few gay lawyers are among her social companions in Dallas. As a City Council candidate there 16 years ago, she appeared before a lesbian and gay screening group at a time when most candidates didn't even bother to answer the questionnaire. Of course, she made no commitments beyond the generality that gays and lesbians are entitled to equal treatment, and even refused to condemn the state's pernicious sodomy law.

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I've gotten some emails from people who know people who...[etc], and the general consensus is that she's very un-homophobic, FWIW. Not sure how that translates to Justice Miers, but I suspect we'll find out. Cheers, TH

Tom Head

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