No.7, November 3-9 | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS

No.7, November 3-9

<em><b>Here's to Alternative Minds</em></b>

I just moved "back home" to Jackson. I'm originally from Franklin County. I've lived in Atlanta since graduating USM in 1987. I was very excited to run across the Jackson Free Press. One of my biggest worries about moving back here is dealing with the overly conservative, unquestioning mentality that expects everyone to have two right shoes, and all the load that accompanies. Your pub gives me hope that there are plenty of alternative minds flourishing in Mississippi, which I've always known, but alternative minds who are not afraid to present themselves. Thank you!
—Barry Hutchinson, Jackson

But This is Our Day Job
I picked up a copy of your paper this weekend because it was FREE. After reading the rag, I see why it is free—anti-conservative, anti-Republican, anti-government. I don't know why you call it an alternative. You are just much more liberal than the daily paper we have in Jackson. Perhaps you mean an alternative to what average Mississippians would be interested in. Don't give up your day jobs just yet.
— Dan L. Evans, Jackson

Take it Like a Man
Now is the time for the "blame game." Harriet Miers is out. Who do you get to blame, George? You can pin it on not wanting to disclose secret documents, but that did not fly with the Roberts' nomination. It falls on the shoulders of your own broad base—the right-wing Republicans. You made them a promise, and you failed them. The war in Iraq was your administration's idea, and you are the man in charge of it. It is not going well. What about the hurricanes? Do you get to place the blame on your tortoise-like response to the plight of millions of your own citizens on the wrath of God? I thought you had a personal hot-line to him for all major policy decisions.

And now, what of this Patrick Fitzgerald? You have praised him, and his appointment was by one of your loyalists. He is a Republican and is now possibly bringing your inner circle of cronies up on a variety of charges all related to the lead up to your war of choice in Iraq and the lies that were used to fool your citizens and Congress.

The one thing we have learned from your administration is that wherever the blame lies, it will not be you that accepts it and it will not be you that admits any failure on your part.

You may very soon become a puppet with no strings and our country a ship without a rudder. The blame lies with you. It is time to step aside.
— Brian Essex, Jackson

Correction: In last week's Jacksonian, Henrietta Martin's last name was incorrectly printed as Morgan. We apologize for the error.


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