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Who Let The Dogs Out?

Doctor S was correct, the Mississippi State-Florida game did get ugly ... if you're a Florida fan. For those in the right (that is, the state of Mississippi camp), it was a thing of beauty. Doctor S brings you some quotes from the Gators. And when you finish those, check out http://www.fireronzook.com ... if you can fight your way through all the Gator fans, that is.

"This is embarrassing for us. We thought we were ready to play." — No. 20 Florida coach Ron Zook, after the Gators lost to unranked Mississippi State 38-31.

"We are hurt about them tearing them down. They acted like they were the better team, but they weren't." — Florida receiver Andre Caldwell, on watching State fans tear down the North goalpost.

"I told the guys before we came here that you cannot take them (MSU) lightly. They always get up to play us no matter what. We feel real embarrassed, we should be embarrassed." — Gators senior defensive end Travis Harris, a starter at linebacker in 2000 when UF was upset 49-35 in its last visit to Starkville.

"I'm sick. I just want to get on the bus and get out of here. I'm sick about the way I played, about the way we lost and about everything about this game. I'm just sick." — Florida receiver Chad Jackson, illin' in StarkVegas.

"We were shocked. We knew we had better athletes, and a better team. That just blew our minds that they stayed in the game." — Caldwell again, as his grip on reality slips.

"A lot of players didn't give 100 percent. A lot of players didn't play hard on every play. . . . We knew we were the better team." — Florida running back Ciatrick Fason, doing his bit for Florida team unity.

"I can't worry about that. It's not for me to answer. The only thing I can do is what I can do." — Zook again, on how the loss affected his job status. (Rent, don't buy, Ron.)

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Ha! I was lucky enough to catch the end of the game yesterday. Go, Dawgs! I'm proud to be a Bulldawg, win or lose, but especially with Sylvester Croom showing such class on the sideline.


Ladd, On a lighter note from our other thread, I am not even a Mississippi State fan, but I've been rooting for them this year. I hate to see someone have such a rough year. Yesterday was incredible. Go State! I am also impressed with Sylvester Crooms. I almost hate to mention it after all the talk in our other thread, but Crooms has been outspoken about his own Christian faith. He has been a regular speaker at Fellowship of Christian Athletes meetings and youth events in Alabama. I'm glad to have a man of good character, Christian or otherwise, as a role model for our athletes and students. I am rooting for him and Mississippi State's program.

M Brady


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