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About the JFP, Our Staff and Contributors

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About the JFP

The Jackson Free Press is published by Jackson Free Press, Inc., a Mississippi corporation. Jackson Free Press magazine is published bi-weekly and distributed in Hinds, Rankin, Madison and Warren counties; JFP.ms offers daily news and entertainment coverage online. The JFP Daily (www.jfpdaily.com) is a five-days-per-week newsletter of our latest headlines. Join the JFP VIP club to support local journalism and for print subscription options.



Editor-in-Chief and CEO: Donna Ladd - ext 15

Publisher and President: Todd Stauffer - ext 17

Associate Publisher: Kimberly Griffin - ext 11


Art Director: Kristin Brenemen

Managing Editor: Amber Helsel

Web Editor: Dustin Cardon


State Reporter: Ashton Pittman

City News Reporting Intern: Taylor Langele

Reporting Intern: James Bell

Reporting Intern: Natosha Pengarthit


Events Editor: Nate Schumann

Sports Contributing Editor: Bryan Flynn


Marketing Writer and Sales Support: Andrea Dilworth

Office Assistant: Shakira Porter